Worldle Clues & Answer for 17 September

Worldle Clues & Answer for 17 September

Web-based word-guessing game Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, created a ripple effect in the world and grew very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown period across the globe. Since its publication, numerous people on the internet have been sharing and celebrating their everyday victories in the game. Apart from that, Wordle has become an inspiration and has led to the creation of many similar games. While the apparent hype around these time-based games has seemingly dropped, people still spend time everyday religiously to complete the puzzles and keep their streaks alive.

One such game is Worldle, created by Twitter user teuteuf. This web-based game brings geography and a sense of direction into play and just like the classic Wordle, the puzzle resets every 24 hours. 

While playing Worldle, you will realize that it is more visual than Wordle and users are prompted to remember the world map and identify countries and territories based on their shape. The clues are also given in such a way that they tell you how far off your guess is and which direction you need to focus. 

While the game looks easy at first glance, it is no easy feat to guess countries within six clues, just by looking at the shape. Here are some clues and the actual answer for today’s puzzle on Worldle so that you can keep up your streak.

Worldle: How to Play

The rules for Worldle are simple and they are as follows:

Guess the Worldle answer in six guesses.

Each guess must be a valid country and territory

After each guess, users will have the distance, the direction, and the proximity from their guess to the target location.

Today’s Worldle Answer for 17th September

Firstly, before seeing the answer to today’s puzzle, let us give you a few hints to help you guess the answer yourself: 

The country’s name starts with the letter ”J”

The country’s capital is Kingston.

This country is in the Caribbean.


The answer for today’s Worldle is Jamaica.

Previous Worldle Answers

17th September: Jamaica

16th September: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

15th September: Ghana

14th September: Solomon Islands

13th September: Djibouti

12th September: Peru

11th September: Vietnam

10th September: Hungary

9th September: Russia

8th September: France

7th September: Kiribati

6th September: Austria

5th September: Mozambique

4th September: China

2nd September: Cyprus

1st September: Sudan

31st August: Tajikistan

30th August: Barbados

29th August: Haiti

28th August: Mauritania

27th August: Croatia

26th August: Cuba

25th August: Australia

24th August: South Africa

23rd August: Qatar

22nd August: Mali

21st August: Poland

20th August: Luxembourg

19th August: Chad

18th August: Guyana

17th August: Sierra Leone

16th August: South Korea

15th August: Zimbabwe

14th August: North Korea

13th August: Venezuela

12th August: Diego Garcia

11th August: United States

10th August: Guinea-Bissau

9th August: Philippines

8th August: Sweden

7th August: Ukraine

6th August: Argentina

5th August: Central African Republic

4th August: Finland

3rd August: Montenegro

2nd August: Oman

1st August: Uruguay

31st July: Malaysia

30th July: Democratic Republic of the Congo

29th July: Sri Lanka

28th July: Serbia

27th July: Brunei

26th July: Denmark

23rd July: Ethiopia

22nd July: Iraq

21st July: Madagascar

20th July: Antigua and Barbuda

18th July: Uzbekistan

17th July: Romania

16th July: Iran

15th July: Spain

14th July: Uganda

13th July: New Zealand

12th July: Honduras

11th July: Turkey

10th July: Norway

9th July: Yemen

8th July: Cape Verde

7th July: India

6th July: Nigeria

5th July: Mexico

4th July: Tanzania

3rd July: Armenia

2nd July: Eritrea

1st July: Italy

30th June: Somalia

29th June: Isle of Man

28th June: Chile

27th June: Taiwan

26th June: Portugal

25th June: Cambodia

24th June: Estonia

23rd June: Bosnia and Herzegovina

22nd June: Saudi Arabia

21st June: Latvia

20th June: Iceland

19th June: Malta

18th June: Tunisia

17th June: Germany

16th June: Lithuania

15th June: Turkmenistan

14th June: Botswana

13th June: Kyrgyzstan

12th June: Senegal

11th June: Belgium

10th June: Guam

9th June: Greece

8th June: Switzerland

7th June: Morocco

6th June: Ireland

5th June: South Sudan

4th June: Myanmar

3rd June: Albania

2nd June: Guatemala

1st June: Dominica

31st May: Nepal

30th May: El Salvador

29th May: Syria

28th May: Kenya

27th May: Bouvet Island

26th May: Lithuania

25th May: Colombia

24th May: Somalia

23rd May: South Korea

22nd May: Cote D’Ivoire

21st May: Slovakia

20th May: Jamaica

19th May: Sierra Leone

18th May: Guadeloupe

17th May: Suriname

16th May: Cameroon

15th May: Oman

14th May: Cuba

13th May: Peru

12th May: Cyprus

11th May: Poland

10th May: Dominican Republic

9th May: China

8th May: Congo

7th May: Hungary

6th May: Canada

5th May: Guyana

4th May: The Netherlands

3rd May: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

2nd May: Djibouti

1st May: Belize

LoLdle Answer for 7 June: “Tentakill!”

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