When Does Starfield Come Out on Xbox Game Pass

When Does Starfield Come Out on Xbox Game Pass

In a galaxy of anticipation, Bethesda Game Studios is set to unveil its latest creation, Starfield, marking its first foray into a new universe in over 25 years. As the release date draws near, excitement reaches a fever pitch, further intensified by recent confirmations regarding the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass. Starfield, a space-themed RPG, promises to deliver an immersive experience that explores the depths of the cosmos, offering players a chance to embark on a journey of galactic proportions.

Will Starfield Launch on Xbox Game Pass

Bethesda Game Studios, renowned for its iconic titles like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series, has once again ventured into uncharted territory with Starfield. This ambitious project, announced back in 2018, is set to release in September 2023. Set against a space-themed backdrop, Starfield introduces players to an entirely new universe, rich with possibilities, mysteries, and adventures waiting to be uncovered.

For players subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, the launch of Starfield presents an exciting opportunity. On 6 September 2023, this epic space adventure will be available on Xbox Series S/X and PC, directly accessible through Xbox Game Pass. This Day One release ensures that subscribers can seamlessly dive into the cosmos as soon as the game touches down.

Countdown Timer

However, it’s important to note that Starfield will not be available in Xbox Game Pass Core. The distinction, though minor, highlights the game’s exclusive status within the Xbox ecosystem.

The release of Starfield on Xbox Game Pass opens up a universe of possibilities for gamers. With the ability to pre-install the game ahead of its launch, players can seamlessly start their exploration and adventure on launch day. 

Players with an Xbox One console can access Starfield through cloud streaming. This compromise reflects the immense scope of the game, as its intricacies and scale may surpass the capabilities of the previous generation’s hardware.

Final Countdown to Galactic Discovery

Starfield‘s imminent launch on Xbox Game Pass unveils a new chapter for Bethesda Game Studios and Microsoft’s gaming landscape. The fusion of a storied developer with a groundbreaking subscription service marks a defining moment in the evolution of gaming accessibility and experiences. As the release date approaches, gamers and enthusiasts alike can count down the days until they embark on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos. Starfield is poised to ignite players’ imaginations, inviting them to explore, discover, and forge their own destinies among the stars.

Will Starfield Have Multiplayer Co-Op?

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