What Is the Ada Hegerberg Bug in EA FC 24?

What Is the Ada Hegerberg Bug in EA FC 24?

EA FC 24’s official release is almost here and players are hyped to join in and try out the first game of the incoming EA FC era. While, the confirmed EA FC 24 release date is 29th September (Friday), players with early access have been playing the game since 22nd September.

While FC 24’s release has so far been smooth and without big hassles, a majority of the players who got the early access have been facing a handful of bugs. Last week, players experienced a bizarre ‘no commentary’ bug and now in the last few days, they have been facing issues and glitches with one of the best strikers in the game, rendering this player completely unusable.

One of the highlights of EA FC 24 has been the addition of female players to the Ultimate Team game mode. While this has been received well, a bug has been found when using Ada Hegerberg.

Following this, Electronic Arts has disabled the player and the developers are looking into the issue.

Ada Hegerberg Bug Explained

The Ada Hegerberg bug is a bizarre one. Whenever a player attempted to do a skill move or certain types of dribbling with Hegerberg, she immediately lost control of the ball and ran away from it.

The 88-rated Norwegian striker Ada Hegerberg is the center of the bug which resulted in the ball being left behind whenever the left trigger is held on a controller, not allowing players to ultiise one of the best strikers in EA FC 24. As a result, the star has been dubbed “unusable” by the community due to the issue.

As a result of this bug, Ada Hegerberg’s price on the Ultimate Team Transfer Market has down as a result and is now purchasable for less than 30,000 Coins. This is a very low and unusual price for one of the top ten strikers in EA FC 24.

With the bug still there in-game, it is unlikely that her price will go back up any time soon. Unfortunately, she happens to be the only known player in the game to have the weird bug.

Ada Hegerberg is currently unusable in game
byu/jogis22 inEASportsFC

Following this, EA Sports FC tweeted, “We are investigating an issue impacting the Ada Hegerberg Player Item. Players who have this Item in their active Squad will not be able to start a match until the Item is removed from the Squad. A card has been created on the EASFC Tracker which you can follow for updates.

You can follow the updates on the official Trello board.

Additionally, players who had the Ada Hegerberg player item in Ultimate draft had their drafts reset. EA devs noted that the players shall be provided with a Draft Token in the coming days.

EA FC 24 “No Commentary” Bug: What Is It? How to Fix?

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