Truly Mouthwatering: Genshin Impact Quest Guide

Truly Mouthwatering: Genshin Impact Quest Guide

Venturing through the mesmerizing landscapes of Teyvat, Genshin Impact players often stumble upon intriguing quests that challenge their wits and decision-making skills. And with the newly released region of Fontaine, players can expect to find a whole new array of quests. One such quest is “Truly Mouthwatering”, inviting players to unravel the mysteries surrounding Henri, an NPC buried underground. This guide will serve as your compass, leading you through the complex associations and core-collecting tasks that lie within.

Henri’s Puzzling Predicament

“Truly Mouthwatering!” introduces players to Henri, an NPC found buried beneath the sand near the shores of the Fontaine talent domain. As the quest commences, players must first vanquish a horde of pesky crabs to rescue Henri and initiate the adventure that lies ahead.

Unveiling Clues and Solving Riddles

The quest takes an intriguing turn as players are tasked with collecting evidence and deciphering clues to understand the situation at hand. The beauty of “Truly Mouthwatering!” lies in its association game, where players must skillfully connect dots to unravel the mystery.

Getting Started

To trigger the quest, venture to the shore south of the Fontaine talent domain. There, a cry for help will pique your curiosity. Following the sound, you’ll discover Henri buried underground. Clear the area of crabs and engage in conversation with him to initiate the quest’s progression.

Unearthing Clues

Throughout the quest, players must investigate four crucial clues:

A roast chicken plate positioned near Henri.

A shovel situated to the southeast.

A broken machine, also located southeast.

Two individuals named Turner and Hunter, positioned on a small rock south of Henri.

These clues serve as the foundation for the upcoming association game that players must conquer to proceed.

Decoding the Situation

As the quest advances, you’ll engage in a contemplation and association game that holds the key to understanding the truth behind Henri’s predicament. You’ll be prompted to link clues with each other in a logical manner, leading you closer to the revelation.

Revealing the Truth

By piecing together the correct associations, you’ll uncover the story behind Henri’s burial and the intentions of Turner and Hunter. The game gradually leads to the discovery that Henri’s actions were driven by a desire to protect the environment, casting a unique light on the quest’s narrative.

The Reward Awaits

As the quest reaches its climax, you’ll find yourself rewarded for your efforts. Upon completing “Truly Mouthwatering!” you’ll receive valuable rewards, including Adventure EXP, Primogems, Mora, and Hero’s Wit. These rewards stand as a testament to your dedication to solving the intricate puzzles woven into this captivating quest.

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