TI12 Group Stage: Schedule, Results, and Other Details

TI12 Group Stage: Schedule, Results, and Other Details

The International 12 (TI12) is scheduled to deliver intense Dota 2 matches for fans in the next few weeks, serving as the thrilling conclusion to the 2023 competitive season. 20 teams will be participating in the tournament, which will be held over three weekends from 12th to 29th October 2023. The event will consist of a two-phase group stage followed by the Main Event, which is divided into two phases, the Playoffs and the International. As TI12 begins, here is a look at the teams participating, the schedule, and more information about the group stage of the tournament.

TI12 group stage: All that you need to know

Team list

The event will feature 20 teams divided into four groups of five teams each.

Group stage standings

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

Group stage schedule

As in the past years, teams will play the Bo2 series group stage, called Phase One, first, and then there is a Phase 2 this time around which determines the Main Event seeds.

Day 1 (early 13th Oct 2023 for SGT timezone)

Day 2 (14th Oct)

Day 3 (15th Oct)

Day 4 (16th Oct)

Group Stage Format

Phase One (13th-14th Oct)

Single round robin group stage

Four groups of five teams each

All series are Bo2s

The top two teams from each group are paired with opponents from either the third or fourth place teams in the opposing group (A-B and C-D)

The bottom team from each group is eliminated

Phase 2 (15th-16th Oct)

The remaining sixteen teams, according to Phase One pairings, compete against each other to determine their placement (upper or lower bracket) in the playoffs.

Prize pool distribution

Based on final positions, TI12’s prize pool will be divided among the 20 teams. At the time of writing, the prize pool is close to $3 million.

Where to watch and broadcast talent

TI12 features an action-packed group stage with five series running concurrently. Furthermore, the tournament’s talent, comprising 43 personalities including hosts, analysts, commentators, and observers, was unveiled on 9th Oct 2023 via talent bundles.

The International 2023 English Broadcast Talent. #TI12 #Dota2 pic.twitter.com/HuCIN7KSXF

— Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 10, 2023

Although the prize pool of this year’s TI is heading toward being one of the lowest in 10 years, with it being around $3 Million USD, the games might still be as intense as they were in past years, since it is the biggest celebration of the game.

Will Team Spirit secure its second TI victory, matching OG’s record or will Topson work his TI magic to lead Tundra to a consecutive title and at the same time become the only player with three TI wins in history? Or perhaps Talon Esports will embark on a run for the ages, gifting Southeast Asia its inaugural TI title? Get ready for TI12 as some captivating storylines are set to unravel.

Worlds 2023 May Surpass TI12 in Prize Money

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