A game title where the fighting spirit absolutely dominates. It’s almost impossible to find somebody with a passion for gaming that hasn’t been in touch or had any kind of interaction with Tekken. Its popularity was established for a while now, and being selected as one of the official game titles for the World Esports Championship, continues the growth trend in terms of popularity, number of players, and overall presence on the Esports landscape. 

More than 100 professional athletes will arrive in Iasi, Romania to compete for the prestigious Tekken7 throne, a reality that brings excitement on many levels throughout the world Esports scene. Coming from different backgrounds, one can just see how in various regions of the world the game is accepted and played, and it’s amazing to observe the style differentiations that players have developed in each country.

For an ordinary Esports spectator, especially if he hasn’t been involved in any kind of interaction with the game, it seems like there are not any special requirements or necessary training to be able to compete, and he would be highly mistaken. The winning streaks of particular players in the game present a strong statement that just like in every other game title, the combination of talent and hard work is giving birth to a Tekken7 professional with a deep understanding of the game with undeniable skills.

And that’s exactly what we have here. We’re continuing the blog series with three of the most skilled Tekken7 players that will participate in the 15th World Esports Championship. 

Hoa “Anakin” Luu: an Amercian, born in 1991 and a current member of the Redbull Esports. He had his first Tekken tournament at only 12 years old. Throughout his career has participated in many tournaments, reaching his career peak in 2016,  finishing second at the North America Tekken 7 Finals. Greatly respected among the Tekken7 community, he is arguably the best player in North America.

Kachi “Pekos” Yota: an experienced Tekken7 athlete, born in 1986 in Japan, is another name in the mix of tournament favorites. The long-term commitment to the game, and the persistence that he has manifested in the long years that he’s been playing the game, are raising serious concerns in the competition, and probably made them study his games for hours.  

Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori: is considered one of the best players in Europe. Born in 1992, in Germany, he’s been consistent in his performances and established himself as a true powerhouse in the European region.  Some of Sephiblack’s best performances include 2nd place at Tekken World Tour Online 2017: Europe West (Steam), 5th place at VSFighting 2018, 9th place at MIXUP 2019, and 33rd place at TWT 2019 LCQ. We are all aware of the effort manifested by German athletes in international competitions, so we’re adding one more on the side of championship favorites. 

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