The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Tips For Family And Victims

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Tips For Family And Victims

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is every bit as unforgiving and brutal as its 1974 inspiration, so whether you’re on the family team comprised of several sadistic killers or the victim team made up of a few young adults bleeding all over the place, it pays to have a plan and stick to it. We’ve already put in dozens of hours with the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, so we come offering tips for either side of a match. Use these pointers to either make it out alive or finish preparing your dinner.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre tips for playing as the family

Use these tips when you’re on the killers’ side of a match to round up all victims and prevent any Final Girls or Guys from making it to the sequel.

Have either the Hitchhiker or Sissy in a match

Every round as the killers is made a little easier if one person plays as either Sissy or the Hitckhiker. The reason for this is they are the only two killers who can crouch and enter small spaces like the victims can. While victims may use a crawlspace or crack in the wall to gain distance on Leatherface, Johnny, or the Cook, these more slender sadists can follow right behind them.

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