PUBG Mobile is the ultimate virtual battleground. With tremendous growth and popularity, this game has become an extremely competitive arena, including millions of players from all around the world. And what usually happens when a game spreads throughout multiple regions is, the desire for competition grows by the day, and eventually they start competing with each other. In other words, PUBG Mobile is another game that is deeply embedded into the Esports frame.

Today, the conditions are perfect for stepping into the national spotlight, unveiling the potential of the region and the country a player is coming from, on the stage where it matters the most, the World Esports Championship.

The battle will last for full three days, starting on August 29th, where 16 teams will give their all to climb the ladder and with that, snatch the throne and proudly wear the title of World PUBG Mobile Champions. Now, while nobody can dispute the commitment and desire of a team to obtain this title, skill, and mastery varies from team to team and even more, from player to player. We’ve learned that real power exists in the PUBG Mobile world, and today, we’d like to share our knowledge with you.

Damir “AXZCER” Omarov: he’s a member of the golden team in last year’s IESF World Esports Championship. Born in 2000, in Kazakhstan, this PUBG Mobile superpower aspires to lead his team to the 2nd gold in the World Championship and mark a beginning of a legacy that will last for generations. Outside the IESF, Damir achieved significant success on the PUBG Mobile scene.

Berkin “Sylas” Cetin: Born in 2002 in Turkiye, is another powerhouse aiming to lead his team straight to the top. 2022 was a good year for him winning the biggest prize tournament organised by Krafton, and in 2021 he lost in the finals. These achievements speak louder than words and surely every team in the tournament will be extra cautious when playing against him and team Turkiye.

Muhd Safwan Hakimi Bin Abdullah Husaini “Newbies”: maybe the first thing you spot about him is the typical long name, but dont be fooled, he has a lot more to offer.  Brunei Darussalam is his birthplace and currently, as part of the national team, Newbies sole goal is correcting the last year’s mistake. This 18-year old already is an IESF finalist, losing the battle from team Kazakhstan at the finish line. One can imagine their motivation and preparation for the upcoming tournament in Iasi. One thing is for sure, his skills are undisputed and his opponens will face a true challenge.   

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