The Best Soulslike Games That You Need to Play

The Best Soulslike Games That You Need to Play

The world of gaming has seen a surge in popularity for challenging, atmospheric, and lore-rich experiences, all thanks to the Souls series developed by FromSoftware. As the legacy of titles like Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring continues, a new sub-genre of games known as “Soulslike” has emerged, offering similar gameplay mechanics, intense difficulty, and deep narratives.

If you’re a fan of the Souls series or are seeking games that provide the same level of challenge and satisfaction, these top Soulslike titles are must-plays.

Top 10 Must-Try Soulslike Games

1. Thymesia – Thymesia offers a haunting world reminiscent of Bloodborne, filled with unique ideas. While not quite reaching the heights of FromSoftware’s masterpiece, Thymesia is a worthy endeavor for those seeking a bite-sized dose of bleak RPG action.

2. The Surge / The Surge 2 – Dubbed “Robo Souls,” The Surge series offers a futuristic twist on the Souls formula, with intense combat, satisfying loot, and a distinctive take on the challenging gameplay style.

3. Steelrising – Imagine the French Revolution mixed with clockwork robots gone awry, and you get Steelrising. Despite some flaws, the premise and narrative offer an intriguing experience that sets it apart from traditional Souls games.

4. Mortal Shell – With a grimdark atmosphere and gameplay heavily influenced by the Dark Souls trilogy, Mortal Shell invites players to embark on a quest to alter their fate and that of the world. Environmental storytelling and rewarding gameplay make this a standout choice.

5. Lords of the Fallen – One of the earliest Soulslike imitators, Lords of the Fallen shines with its satisfying combat and risk-reward gameplay, making it a strong contender in the Soulslike genre.

6. Code Vein – Code Vein takes a stylish, gory, and anime-inspired approach to the Soulslike genre. With its own unique twists and an engaging partner system, it caters to both fans of the sub-genre and newcomers alike.

7. Nioh / Nioh 2 – Nioh stands as the king of Soulslike games, offering exceptional combat and deep lore rooted in 17th-century Japan. Its prequel, Nioh 2, takes the formula even further, providing a must-play experience for Souls enthusiasts.

8. Remnant 2 – Remnant 2 offers co-op action in a battle against otherworldly foes bent on destroying reality. Whether played solo or with friends, the game’s systems and variety of weapons ensure a thrilling experience.

9. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Set in the Star Wars universe, Jedi: Survivor follows Cal Kestis as he battles the Empire. With lightsaber combat and new techniques, this title combines classic Star Wars elements with challenging gameplay.

10. Blasphemous – Blasphemous offers a unique take on the Soulslike genre, blending religious themes with challenging platforming and combat. It’s grim visuals and visceral combat create an immersive experience.

These Soulslike games stand as testaments to the enduring appeal of challenging gameplay, deep narratives, and atmospheric worlds. Whether you’re a seasoned Souls fan or new to the genre, these titles provide a captivating and rewarding journey for players seeking to test their skills and immerse themselves in rich game worlds.

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