Team S8UL Receives Visas & Shall Represent India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023

Team S8UL Receives Visas & Shall Represent India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023

The Pokemon Unite India Championship consisted of 13 teams and after some amazing performances in the playoffs Team S8UL and FS Esports played against each other in the Grand Finals. Team S8UL played an intense series against FS Esports in the Grand Finals of the Pokemon Unite India Championship and was crowned the champion. FS Esports was the runner up and both of the teams got an opportunity to represent India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 at Tokyo, Japan.

Team S8UL have received their visa and will be the only team representing India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023, as FS Esports was not able to receive their visa on time.

Team S8UL will represent India at the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023 

Team S8UL’s journey in the Pokemon Unite India Championship was amazing as the team went through a lot of hurdles, engaging in intense battles throughout the tournament. The team had consistent performances throughout and displayed perfect teamwork in the Grand Finals to clinch the title. 

Team S8UL’s roster consists of:

Manmohan “Might” Singh 

Rahul “Kyurem” Sharad Lavhate 

Rudra “Rex” Narayan Nayak 

Deep “Snowy” Patel 

Adnan “Badshahh” Badshah 


Team S8UL receiving their visas was an important factor as it is one of the teams representing India. FS Esports was the second seed team representing India, but unfortunately it did not receive the visas on time which meant it wouldn’t be able to travel to Tokyo, Japan for the Pokemon Unite World Championship 2023. Team S8UL shall remain the only team to represent India at the event. 

S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi on twitter shared his thoughts on the visa issues and wrote:

“My record of not having missed a single international event due to visa / document issue continues”.

Receiving a visa on time has always been a challenging task for the teams. Many teams in the past have missed out on the opportunity to represent India on the international stage as a result of this.

Team S8UL is one of the fan favorite teams. As the only team representing India, fans are hoping Team S8UL will do well and gain international experience. The team will also look to test its abilities against international teams and come forth shining.

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