Steps to Get Zenitsu Bundle & Emote from Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel

Steps to Get Zenitsu Bundle & Emote from Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel

A new Zenitsu Wheel was recently launched in Free Fire, and it offers the Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunder Flash as the two grand prizes. The Luck Royale was introduced as part of this game’s partnership with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and saw the release of iconic collectibles, themed accessories, and more based on that popular anime.

As part of the new Zenitsu Wheel, you must remove two undesired items and then spend Diamonds to spin the wheel to receive its rewards. Interestingly, you cannot obtain a cosmetic more than once, meaning you can win them all in eight spins. This makes the event a viable alternative to unlocked-themed items.

New Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel provides a bundle and emote

The Zenitsu Wheel featuring Demon Slayer-themed items began in Free Fire on September 27, 2023. In contrast to other Luck Royales, this one will last longer and expire on October 25, 2023.

You can spend Diamonds to receive rewards (Image via Garena)

The prize pool of Free Fire Faded Wheel based on the Demon Slayer theme is as follows:

Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunder Flash

Zenitsu’s Bundle

Falling Star

Mythological Ride

2x SCAR – Phantom Assassin Weapon

2x Swordsman Legends Weapon Loot Crate

2x Cube Fragments

3x Pet Food

3x Armor Crate

3x Supply Crate

Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel

The loadout items like Armor Crate and Supply Crate are highly undesirable. Hence, these should be your go-to picks to remove from the Zenitsu Wheel. Subsequently, you will receive one item every spin. The cost of each spin is:

First spin – Nine Diamonds

Second spin – 19 Diamonds

Third spin – 39 Diamonds

Fourth spin – 69 Diamonds

Fifth spin – 99 Diamonds

Sixth spin – 149 Diamonds

Seventh spin – 499 Diamonds

Free Fire Fiery Ring Event: Bundle, Cost & More

Steps to get Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash emote from the new Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel

Here are the steps to receive the Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash emote from the new Zenitsu Wheel

Step 1: Sign into your account and browse through the Luck Royale section to select Zenitsu Wheel. You may access that section by choosing it from the menu on the left-hand side.

Step 2: Per the event’s rule, you must pick two undesired items to remove.

Step 3: Subsequently, begin making spins by spending Diamonds. You can continue the process until the final spin has been made.

Once you have claimed the emote and the exclusive outfit, you may equip these at any time via this game’s vault.

Free Fire x Demon Slayer Collaboration: Event Calendar & Rewards Leaked

How many Diamonds do you need to get Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash emote in Free Fire?

You can obtain the Zenitsu Bundle and Thunder Flash emote from the Free Fire Zenitsu Wheel by spending 1,082 Diamonds. This value considers the price of eight spins, in which you are guaranteed to obtain all rewards

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