Scenes from Life in Meropide Genshin Impact Quest Series: Quest List, Credit Coupon Rewards

Scenes from Life in Meropide Genshin Impact Quest Series: Quest List, Credit Coupon Rewards

The Scenes from Life in Meropide in Genshin Impact is the latest addition to the game’s multi-quest series and offers Credit Coupons for every quest of the series that players complete. These Coupons are a valuable currency, primarily used in the Game of the Rich quest, offering players a chance to indulge in various in-game luxuries. 

In this article, we will go into the details of all 12 quests in the Scenes from Life in Meropide series, providing insights into their unlock requirements and the Credit Coupons they offer.

Scenes from Life in Meropide Quests and Rewards

Each of the 12 quests in the Scenes from Life in Meropide series grants 280 Credit Coupons, making them a valuable source of this in-game currency. Additionally, you’ll receive 20 to 30 Primogems as secondary rewards for completing each quest. If you complete all 12 quests, you’ll amass a grand total of 3,360 Credit Coupons, which can be a significant boost to your in-game progress.

Credit Coupons serve various purposes in Genshin Impact. You can use them in the “Game of the Rich” quest, where collecting 1,400 of these coupons is a requirement. Alternatively, you can spend your hard-earned coupons at the Rag and Bone Shop or Welfare Meals for additional rewards, expanding your arsenal and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Here is the complete list of the Scenes from Life in Meropide quests:

A Raw Deal

An Actor’s Training


Dead End

Every Debt Has a Creditor

Fists of Fury


Safe Operation

The Art of Negotiation

Treat the Symptoms

Unfinished Task

Visible Hands

These quests are relatively short and can be completed in just a few minutes, making them an excellent choice for players looking to maximize their rewards efficiently.

Unlocking Scenes from Life in Meropide Quests

To unlock these quests, you’ll need to follow specific triggers and prerequisites. Here’s how to unlock each one:

A Raw Deal: Talk to Decembre near the mail room in the northern part of the Fortress Dormitory Block.

An Actor’s Training: After completing “Visible Hands,” wait until the next daily reset and sit near Goncourt.

Chit-Chat: Speak to Nakul, located in the southwestern part of the Dormitory Block.

Dead End: Initiate a conversation with Galvaryet, found in front of the entrance to the Rift of Erosion in the western part of the Dormitory Block.

Every Debt Has a Creditor: Finish the “Unfinished Comedy” quest and talk to Galvaryet.

Fists of Fury: Visit the Rag and Bone Shop and talk to Nizami, the bodyguard.

Memories: After completing “Visible Hands” and waiting for a daily reset, approach some devices in the northwestern part of the central room after riding the elevator.

Safe Operation: Progress through the “Game of the Rich” quest and talk to Caterpillar.

The Art of Negotiation: Purchase “The Art of Negotiation” book from the Rag and Bone Shop for 20 Credit Coupons.

Treat the Symptoms: Speak to Lechlade in the Production Zone after reaching the third day in the “Game of the Rich” quest.

Unfinished Task: Talk to Nelly in the Production Zone after a one-day real-life reset, which is part of the “Unfinished Comedy” quest.

Visible Hands: Complete “Every Debt Has a Creditor,” wait for a daily reset, and talk to Decembre.

Keep in mind that some quests may require real-life day resets, and you may need to complete the “Unfinished Comedy” series to access certain quests. This means that completing all Scenes from Life in Meropide quests will take some time, so pace yourself accordingly.

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