Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: How to Register, Qualifier Schedule, More

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: How to Register, Qualifier Schedule, More

The third season of the global annual Valorant tournament for university students has been announced – Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023. After Madrid, Spain and São Paulo, Brazil the final is set to take place at the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul, Turkey.

Qualifiers for this tournament are taking place in more than 50 countries worldwide, but only a select few will get an opportunity to make it to the main stage, fighting for a total prize pool of €20,000 EUR (INR 18,07,980).

The local leg of this tournament, Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023 will take place across two months from August to September. All interested university students can form their respective teams and register themselves for the open qualifiers.

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Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: Complete Details

Here are the complete details for the Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023 such as how to register, qualifier schedule, exhibition match between popular personalities, and more.

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: Exhibition Match Frag-Out

To kick start its local campaign, Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023, conducted an exhibition match called Frag-Out which took place online yesterday on 2nd August at 19:00 IST.

It consisted of ten popular streamers, content creators, and professional players taking on each other in a fun best-of-three match across Ascent, Bind, and Fracture.

Team One

Ankit “V3nom” Panth

Rishab “RakaZone” Karanwal

Shagufta “Xyaa” Iqbal

Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed

Debanjan “DEATHMAKER” Das

Team Two

Ujjwal “Techno Gamerz” Chaurasia

Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar

Shobith “Tbone” Rai

Sagnik “Hellff” Roy

Amit “FA2” Thakur


Ascent | Team One defeats Team Two | 13-9

Bind | Team Two defeats Team One | 13-5

Fracture | Team One defeats Team Two | 13-8

Red Bull Campus Clutch 2023 India: Exhibition Event Frag-Out

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: Registration Details

The registrations for the tournament are currently taking place and university students can enroll their respective lineups for any of the 12 open qualifiers, scheduled to take place between 5th August to 10th September.

Qualifier 1 | Online | 5th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 2 | Online | 6th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 3 | Online | 12th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 4 | Online | 13th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 5 | Online | 19th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 6 | Online | 20th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 7 | Online | 26th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 8 | Online | 27th August | Registration Link

Qualifier 9 | Online | 2nd September | Registration Link

Qualifier 10 | Online | 3rd September | Registration Link

Qualifier 11 | Online | 9th September | Registration Link

Qualifier 12 | Online | 10th September | Registration Link

After the open qualifiers, there are two more stages that will be played out to decide the champion. They will be declared as the best university-level Valorant team in India and also get an opportunity to represent the country at the main event in Turkey, Istanbul.

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: How to Register

Now that you have the complete schedule of when the open qualifiers will take place, here is the registration link and all the necessary details for signing up your team.

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023: Registration Link

Click ‘Register’ for only those open qualifiers that you will be able to attend based on their respective dates.

Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023

Take note of the following points before registering your team.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

All participants must be be enrolled at a university throughout the duration of the tournament.

Teams can consist of players from different universities but country specific rules may apply.

Participants can only register as a team of five with one member signing up on behalf of everyone. However, there are some qualifiers available for solo players to sign up and be matched with other players to form a team.

The team composition has to stay the same as initially registered throughout all three stages of the competition.

Each team will be allowed to replace one team member in the course of all three stages.

Each participant can only be part of one team.

This is everything we know about he Red Bull Campus Clutch India 2023 at this point in time. More information about this event will be released as the competition progresses and we will continue to cover it.

Till then all interested university students who aspire to become professional players or want to showcase their skills can participate in this unique global Valorant tournament.

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