Razer partners with UAE initiative AD Gaming

Razer partners with UAE initiative AD Gaming

Image credit: AD Gaming

Global gaming peripherals brand Razer has announced a partnership with AD Gaming, an Abu Dhabi-based initiative focused on helping grow the country’s game development industry.

The partnership will see Razer create a gaming venue called the Gaming Zone on the AD Gaming premises, with an array of Razer peripherals, hardware, and other items available. Razer will also provide discounts to game dev companies that are a part of the AD Gaming initiative.

AD Gaming (short for Abu Dhabi Gaming) is a new initiative created jointly by the United Arab Emirates’ government and multiple other government and commercial organisations. The goal is, according to AD Gaming, to make Abu Dhabi the number one location of choice for all gaming industry businesses and provide support and help for local talent.

In addition, AD Gaming is also focused on creating esports events in the city of Abu Dhabi.

The initiative provides space for game dev companies to open offices and for global companies to open spaces in the country. The initiative has partnered with the likes of Unity and Nvidia, as well as game publishing company SAWA Group in the past.

The collaboration with Razer is focused on two different segments. First is the Gaming Zone create by Razer, a testing and event space that is fully equipped by Razer. This includes chairs, computer cases and peripherals. The space will be used by game development companies to test game builds, run simulations and host events, according to AD Gaming.

The other part of the partnership focuses on game development companies. As a part of this partnership, Razer will offer discounted hardware and peripherals to startups and businesses, with discounts ranging from 10 to 30 percent. The products will be available for all interested companies, with the goal of helping them scale better. Of course, this also helps Razer sell products. The company noted that the product list will be updated regularly and include newest Razer products.

Sultan Al Riyami, Head of Gaming and Esports at AD Gaming, commented: “In bringing another one of the industry’s most recognized brands to our community, we are providing a truly unique service to our members whilst simultaneously demonstrating the gravitational pull that Abu Dhabi has for global gaming giants.” 

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