Razer Kitsune Hitbox-Style Fight Controller Preorder Guide – Street Fighter 6 Editions Available

Razer Kitsune Hitbox-Style Fight Controller Preorder Guide - Street Fighter 6 Editions Available

Alongside the year’s biggest fighting game event in Evo 2023, Razer announced that its all-button Hitbox-style fighting game controller, the Razer Kitsune, is now available for preorder on Amazon. It was first revealed back in June this year, and also showcased the three editions available–two of which are Street Fighter 6 collaborations. The standard Razer Kitsune goes for $300 while the Chun-Li edition and Cammy edition go for $330 each. All versions are compatible with PlayStation 5 and PC.

Razer is capitalizing on the rising popularity of leverless fighting game controllers–instead of featuring an arcade-style stick for directional inputs, these controllers map directions to four distinct buttons. This allows for quicker, more precise inputs and mitigates errant inputs that can sometimes happen on gamepads or fight sticks, although it does take some getting used to. Below, you can check out all three versions of the Razer Kitsune below with links to their preorder pages.

Razer Kitsune – Street Fighter 6 Cammy Edition

Razer Kitsune – Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Edition

Razer Kitsune – Standard Edition

The Razer Kitsune features a super-thin profile, Chroma RGB lighting around the base of the chassis, and a detachable USB cable that also has a clasp to secure it in place. The aluminum face plate is also removable, allowing for easier customization. Each button is fitted with low-profile optical linear mechanical switches, which should give users reliable, consistent, and swift inputs.

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