They’re all coming from different backgrounds, with different approaches to the game and various levels of skill and mastery, but from what we’ve witnessed so far, PUBG Mobile offers continual excitement regardless of the favorite role, the outcome is almost always different than our initial predictions.

It’s one of the strongest gaming communities worldwide, especially in Asia. Naturally, this part should produce the greatest threat to the World Esports Championship throne, but this is not the case since new emerging regions are developing, Africa and Europe being one of them.

Will they be to turn the tide? Last year WEC champion, Kazakhstan gathered the strongest lineup once more, providing us with a statement that they are here to repeat history and establish themselves as reigning champions in the battle of nations. 

Another serious attendant for the throne is Turkey, a young pro team focused exclusively on winning and dominating in the PUBG Mobile scene. The game has gained tremendous popularity in the recent period, uplifting Turkiye as a true force and feared opponent when the parachute opens.

Finally, Algeria. A nation with a formidable competing spirit, and unique team cohesion. They’re still waiting for their first big WEC accomplishment and this year, one can notice that they’re committed to achieving it.

Why mention these countries? Well, let us provide you with a couple of answers that may broaden one’s horizons.

Baqytzhan “PUNCHER” Yelmenbet, a last year WEC winner, is born in 2002, in Kazakhstan, and is currently a member of Falcons White. Being part of the S-tier competition, he and his team have installed a victorious mindset, leading them to a series of top placements, and they’re not thinking of stopping any time soon.

Raouf “RAOUF” Abdellah, is a straight-up winner and an Algerian thunderstorm. Born in 1999, already has a long list of tournaments on his resume, but recently, as part of the Nigma Galaxy, 1st place seems to be the only option. He and his team have entered the IESF competition with a statement, winning the African regional qualifier, and doesn’t seem they’re about to slow down now, a few days before the main event.

Zekeriya “Calse” Unlu, is another S-tier competitor, with only W on his mind. Born in 2004 in Turkye, he and his team are yet to reach the heights of the WEC PUBG Mobile scene. Being part of S2G should be a statement by itself, they’ve already achieved great success in 2023, so their confidence level is sky-high which makes his team an almost unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

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