PlayVS partners with Emerge Apparel for merchandise and apparel

PlayVS partners with Emerge Apparel for merchandise and apparel

Image credit: PlayVS / Emerge Apparel

North American amateur esports platform PlayVS has announced a partnership with esports apparel brand Emerge Apparel.

Emerge Apparel has become the official ecommerce and merchandise provider for PlayVS high school esports leagues in the upcoming academic year. Schools that decide to create merchandise will also get a percentage of every sale.

PlayVS is a North American company operating high school esports leagues. The company runs high school scholastic esports leagues in games such as League of Legends, Rocket League and Super Smash Bros. PlayVS operates competitions in all 50 states in the United States as well as in Canada.

Emerge Apparel is a company specialising in creating custom esports apparel for sports and esports teams. The company enables teams to create customised merchandise and set up a storefront on the Emerge Apparel website to sell the merchandise.

As a part of the partnership with PlayVS, Emerge Apparel will enable all interested high schools to both create and sell their merchandise through the Emerge Apparel website.

In addition, since Emerge Apparel offers a 50% revenue-sharing programme, schools can use the merchandise to fund esports programmes and players. Emerge Apparel works with sports brands such as Champion, Nike and Under Armour to customise merchandise.

Last year, PlayVS faced criticisms over its conduct and operations within the collegiate esports space. Following the departure of its former CEO Delane Parnel, PlayVS appointed Jon Chapman in June 2023.

Matthew Worsman, founder of Emerge Apparel, said: “It’s a pleasure to team up with PlayVS who we know takes the same approach in providing a premium experience within competitive youth esports. We look to build off of that foundation to provide yet another level of value to the schools within their network.”

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