Omnic.AI partners with Maryville University Esports

Omnic.AI partners with Maryville University Esports

Image credit: Omnic.AI / Maryville University Esports

Esports AI platform Omnic.AI has announced a partnership with the esports department of Maryville University, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

According to the educational institution, Maryville University Esports will use Omnic.AI’s Forge technology to help improve and bolster its VALORANT roster.

Omnic.AI is an AI and data company from the United States specialising in the development of tools that help analyse gameplay data, identify patterns, and help develop strategies in VALORANT and Fortnite. Omnic claims that its tool can help individual players grow their skills in the game, but can also be used by coaches to steer entire rosters of players.

Maryville University Esports is most known for its Overwatch and League of Legends teams that have garnered various accolades in collegiate competitions in the United States. The partnership with Omnic.AI aims to support Maryville’s VALORANT roster by helping the coaching staff analyse gameplay and refine the team’s tactics. Omnic.AI noted that the collaboration will also help the company further improve and develop its platform with high-quality data.

Maryville Esports Program Director, Dan Clerke, commented on the partnership: “Maryville Esports has always been a leader in collegiate esports, and our commitment to innovation and excellence remains unwavering. Our partnership with Omnic.AI is a testament to our dedication to providing our student-athletes with the best resources to succeed in the ever-competitive world of collegiate esports.”

Omnic.AI recently made headlines by appointing former Vindex VP Francis Thai as its new Chief Marketing Officer and by partnering with gaming arena operator Belong Gaming.

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