From back in time, whenever humanity collided in any major competition, there’s been a special role in the event for people with special gifts for transmitting radiating energy and charisma, uplifting the atmosphere, and lighting up the fire both between the players and the audience.

Today, we’re even more inclined to just witness unforgettable moments, be part of them, and relive them throughout the rest of our lives. For this to happen, one’s needs the greatest personality, a burning passion for their craft, and finally, the irreplaceable gift of public speaking. 

We’re happy to announce that we’ve got exactly what a massive event like the World Esports Championship deserves, a formidable, esports-passionate, just exploding hosts that will shake the ground in the city of Iasi! These voices will echo in the history of national competitive gaming like one of the greatest names that had the privilege to lead the show between the battle of nations. Without further due, let us introduce the official hosts of the 15th World Esports Championship!

JAMES BANKS is the name that appears in every major Esports competition in the past 10 years. His voice and personality are deeply embedded in numerous unforgettable Esports highlights. His buzzing energy alongside thousands of live spectators will create a once-in-a-lifetime event, a living memory for the generations to come, and give the world an example of just how powerful the Esports community has become.

JON KEFALOUKOS is the second member of the charismatic host duo, equally passionate about Esports and at the same time, blessed with the gift of a charismatic voice and public speaking. His unique capability to feel the audience, the moment, and the energy in the air is nowhere else to be found other than Jon himself.

There is a saying that we really took by heart, and is going like this:” The greatest events deserve the greatest names”. They do indeed.

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