New Mario Red Edition OLED Switch Reportedly Leaked

New Mario Red Edition OLED Switch Reportedly Leaked

While rumors abound about Nintendo’s next new console, it looks like the company is preparing to unveil a new edition of its existing OLED Switch model. Reportedly set to be announced as part of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder livestream, the next OLED Switch is set to be a “Mario Red Edition” console with red Joy-Cons and a red docking station.

The news comes from prominent leaker Billbil-kun, who is known for regularly leaking the PS Plus lineup, as well as revealing other major game leaks. Reporting in French for Dealabs, Billbil-kun says “there’s a high likelihood that this console will be announced during the [Mario Wonder] presentation,” as translated by hotukdeals.


While some people still speculate about Switch 2 to increase views, check out in my last report all 100% legit details we have about a new edition of Nintendo Switch OLED

🔴Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition

— billbil-kun (@billbil_kun) August 30, 2023

The leaker says they managed to obtain visuals of the new edition console, but can’t release them, and instead describes the console’s visuals. Despite the reported name of “Mario Red,” no Mario-themed decals or decorations are expected–it’s simply a red console. Both the Joy-Cons are said to be red, with a red docking station. Billbil-kun also says “certain elements on the back of the console may also be red, such as the volume control buttons.” The red tone is reportedly the same red used for the Switch’s standard Neon Red & Blue Joy-Cons.

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