Neobeast Event in Mobile Legends: Release Date and How to Get Free Skins

Neobeast Event in Mobile Legends: Release Date and How to Get Free Skins

The upcoming Neobeast skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) will officially be released in September 2023. The skin features a mix of anime and cyberpunk themes for the two iconic heroes Fredrinn and Lilya. The two Neobeast skins in Mobile Legends can be acquired through a draw event or the Bingo mini-event. Players can also acquire tickets by completing tasks and these tickets can be used to pull in the draw event for a chance to acquire a free skin. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming Neobeast skins in Mobile Legends such as the release date and how you can get free skins.

What is the release date of Neobeast Skins in Mobile Legends?

According to the trailer, the Neobeast skins in Mobile Legends are set to arrive on 6th September 2023. However, a pre-order event may be released sooner than the release date, where players can acquire a free ticket.

How to get free skins in the Neobeast event in Mobile Legends?

Here are a few ways you can acquire a free skin in the Neobeast event in Mobile Legends;

Pre-order event

Players can join the pre-order event and earn one ticket that can be used to draw in the main event for a chance to win a free skin.

Complete event tasks

A set of missions will be given to players where they can acquire more tickets to draw from the Neobeast event in MLBB. Most of the missions require players to purchase or spend in-game diamonds. However, there are few missions that players can complete without spending diamonds.

Complete the Bingo Event

For players who can afford to spend a few in-game diamonds, they can get one free skin through the Bingo minigame. Every 10 draws from the Neobeast event in Mobile Legends will grant players one Bingo point. Completing one Bingo line will earn players one Epic tier or higher skin. Keep in mind that the Bingo minigame will guarantee players one Neobeast skin in MLBB if they have not unlocked one yet.

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