MrBeast Creator League Fortnite Event: Stream, Dates, Creators & More

MrBeast Creator League Fortnite Event: Stream, Dates, Creators & More

Youtube sensation Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson introduced Creator League which is a brand new esports tournament system that is set to feature eight top influeners and content creators. These eight creators and their fans will compete in a series of different tournaments over the opening season. While MrBeast is not involved directly in the tournament, he has joined hands with the team at eFuse to host Creator League.

According to Forbes, founder of eFuse Matthew Benson said, “We wanted to amplify with one of the biggest megaphones, if not the biggest megaphone, in the world with MrBeast’s reach.” Benson touched upon how the creators who are a part of the Founders Edition and the first season of Creator League are more than capable of drawing in a crowd themselves, eFuse wanted it to make it even bigger.

As part of the Creator League, eFuse is hosting a Fortnite open qualifier from 8th September. Here’s everything you need to know about the Creator League Fortnite tournament.

Creator League Season 1: Fortnite Event, Schedule & More

The Creator League is all set to host a year-round lineup of tournaments and events featuring massive prize pools, starting with Season 1. Notably, the first season will consist of four splits and the first split is scheduled to kick off on 8th September and conclude on 5th October.

In Split 1, teams will face each other in 3v3 zero-build Fortnite tournaments in Hardpoint, Capture the Flag, and Oddball modes. Additionally, there will also be an open qualifier tournament in which fans can participate and earn their spot into the League apart from the $50,000 USD prize.

The open qualifier will happen over three days, ending on 10th September. Following this, on 13th September, the eight creators will go live where they shall draft their teams with the help of fans who purchased community passes.

The League officially launches on 19th Septemberwith its first competitive Fortnite event. There is a prize pool of $200,000 on the line for Split 1’s main event Fortnite.

Who are in the Creator League?

The influencers who are confirmed to be taking part in the Creator League are as follows:

Bella Poarch

Vinnie Hacker

Darren Jason Watkins Jr aka IShowSpeed

Connor Marc Colquhoun aka CDawgVA

Cody “Clix” Conrod

One True King Network (OTK)

Optic Gaming (Seth “Scump” Abner & Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez)


The community pass plays a major role in Creator League. Upon purchasing a community pass for a team of their choice, fans earn the opportunity to enter the open qualifier tournament. They will also be involved in making crucial decisions that will change the course of the league. The fans will get to vote on team strategies and drafting, apart from other perks. The passes cost $19.99.

If you are keen on following the Creator League, you can follow the eight creators’ individual Twitch channels. Apart from that, the tournament will also be streamed on eFuse’s Twitch channel.

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