Monopoly Go Cloud Cruisin Event: All Tasks & Rewards Explained

Monopoly Go Cloud Cruisin Event: All Tasks & Rewards Explained

Monopoly Go is an entertaining digital game that one can play on their mobile devices. It allows players to have an immersive experience of the tabletop board game completely through their device.

Monopoly Go is currently hosting a new event called Cloud Cruisin from 2nd October till 5th October.  Through this event, players can get their hands on free dice rolls, cash rewards, and other exciting stuff. These will help you quickly complete mini-games within Monopoly Go for even more rewards.

The Cloud Cruisin event requires players to land on certain tiles to gather points. Here’s all you need to know about collecting as many rewards as you can during this special event in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go Cloud Cruisin: Tasks, Rewards & More

The Cloud Cruisin event is underway in Monopoly Go and players who land on certain tiles can score points towards rewards and milestones. There are a total of 49 Cloud Cruisin rewards with each tied to a certain number of points.

To score points in the Cloud Cruisin event, players must land on Tax and Utility tiles and the type of tile will determine the number of points you get:

Tax tiles (Income Tax, Luxury Tax): 3 points

Utility tiles (Electric Company, Water Works): 2 points

But if you are rolling with a roll multiplier like x10, you can earn 30 or 20 points at once. 

Here’s an overview of all the 49 milestone tasks and their corresponding rewards in Monopoly Go’s Cloud Cruisin event:

Notably, the final, enticing reward for completing Cloud Cruisin is 6,500 dice and a golden blue sticker pack that guarantees you one 4-star gold sticker.

Winning the Cloud Cruisin event in Monopoly Go completely depends on how many milestones one can complete before 5th October when the event concludes.

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind to do well in the event:

Save your highest multipliers for locations on the board which you know will lead you to a points tile.

Pick your tasks and rewards wisely. When you notice that the reward does not match or is not worthy of the difficult task in hand, quit and wait for the next event in the game.

You can keep an eye out for other ways in which you can earn more dice to help with this event. Tournaments and landmarks may come in handy.

Lastly, use your dice rolls efficiently.

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