Marvel Snap: Best Series 1 Decks for Beginners

Marvel Snap: Best Series 1 Decks for Beginners

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced digital collectible card game that has been rising in popularity thanks to its recent feature at Gamescom 2023 announcing that the game is finally out of early access. Many players are getting their hands on this card game which introduces you to several characters from the Marvel universe. If you are new to the game, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all the cards and choices that the game offers. Although we recommend experimenting with different combinations of cards in the beginning, we have also made a few decks that can really come in handy if you wish to climb up the initial ranks of Marvel Snap. Let’s take a look at them.

Best Series 1 Decks in Marvel Snap

Pool one in Marvel Snap offers a maximum of 46 cards. Before we take a look at different decks, you must know that some cards can be incredibly versatile as they can be placed in any deck and still offer decent buffs. Some of these cards are:

Iron Man: Ongoing – Your total Power is doubled at this location

Nightcrawler: This card has the ability to move locations which allows for a more flexible playstyle

Scarlet Witch: It negates the need to play according to the location of other cards, as the effect of this card takes place before the effect of the location.

Blue Marvel: It has become the staple for many decks as it grants +1 Power to all your other cards.

Angela: This card allows you to be flexible with your other cards while also allowing you to use it as a solid base to fight for a single location.

Ka-zar Deck

 This deck revolves around the abilities of Ka-zar as he grants +1 Power to all the cards that cost 1 Energy. It drastically raises the value of the entire deck. Combining Ka-zar with Blue Marvel is significant as he provides another +1 Power buff to all your cards. Here’s the full list:


Squirrel Girl





Scarlet Witch


Captain America


Blue Marvel


Make sure to include Armor as it will your cards against the enemy’s Killmonger. Additionally, you can also add Onslaught to the mix as he doubles the ongoing effects at a specific location.

Discard Aggressive Deck

 This deck is based on the idea of trying to use or discard Apocalypse as much as possible. Here’s the full list:



Squirrel Girl





Lady Sif

Sword Master



America Chavez 

To initialize the game, players can use Angela to anchor a location. You need to play a bit safe by using a Lady Sif and Apocalypse combo, as she will specifically discard him. You can also use Nightcrawler to play behind Angela and then move him elsewhere to buff her. You can also swap America Chavez with Iron Man as he is crucial to securing a location.

Ongoing Control Deck

This deck revolves around buffing or duplicating effects for most of your ongoing cards. The end goal of this deck is to maximize control before your final turn by buffing your cards using Onslaught’s Ongoing effects or by using Spectrum to give +2 Power to your cards.

Here’s the full list:






Captain America

Mister Fantastic

The Punisher


Blue Marvel



You can take advantage of cards that cost 1 Energy to fill up the board earlier. Midway through the game, you can use cards like Ka-Zar and Mister Fantastic to make sure you’ve got total control over a location. You can also use The Punisher if your opponent attempts to contest the same location.

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