LoLdle Answer for 17 September: “The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me…”

LoLdle Answer for 17 September: "The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me..."

Web-based word guessing game Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, took the world by storm and was the most talked-about game in the early part of 2022. Since its publication, numerous people on the internet spanning continents have been sharing and celebrating their every day wins within the game. Each day, a five-letter word is chosen and the players have to guess the word correctly within six tries. Since the game is straightforward and simple to play, many people have been inclined to create similar ones. League of Legends players have their own version of Wordle called the LoLdle. It is one such spin-off game based on Wordle and Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends. LoLdle includes League of Legends champions and their quotes.

There are four game modes in LoLdle and they are as follows:

Classic: Guess the champion and every try gives specific properties for clues with green, red, and orange boxes

Quotes: Guess with an in-game quote of a champion

Ability: Guess with the icon of a spell

Splash: Guess the skin with a cropped section of a splash art

Though LoLdle has a low entry barrier, the puzzles are sometimes tough and they can hit players with uncommon champion quotes, abilities, and some hard-to-recognize art. This article will guide you through the LoLdle Quote of the Day for 17th September: The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me. Now it’s to save them.

Today’s LoLdle Quote

17th September: The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me. Now it’s to save them.

On 17th September, the LoLDle quote is, “The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me. Now it’s to save them.” The champion who said this is Kai’Sa.

Previous LoLDle Answers

17th September: The first time I returned from the void, it was to save me. Now it’s to save them. – Kai’Sa

16th September: I might have to jump off this lizard and put my boot in your watoosie! – Kled

15th September: Eureka! – Heimerdinger

14th September: Who said chemtech can’t be beautiful? – Renata Glasc

13th September: Easy, partner. – Graves

12th September: My arrows always find their marks. – Varus

11th September: Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom! – Cho’gath

10th September: Bow to the void! Or be consumed by it! – Malzahar

9th September: Trollmacia! – Trundle

8th September: Can’t light cigars in the bottom of the sea. – Gangplank

7th September: She was the star that lit my path. Without her… darkness. – Viego

6th September: I bring a message for you all: a warning, a sigil. But first, I wanna see the sparkle flies. – Zoe

5th September: Can you forge me a matching gauntlet? – Ezreal

4th September: Every web, a masterpiece – Elise

2nd September: Okanoo – Gnar

1st September: I am your reckoner, mortals. – Aatrox

31st August: The right song can soothe the soul of a nation. – Sona

30th August: I always shoot first. – Miss Fortune

29th August: This sun is off its axis – it’s been driving me crazy for eons now. – Aurelion Sol

28th August: This blade’s my favorite. – Talon

27th August: Noxus will rise. – Darius

26th August: Who let the dogs out? Woof. Woof. Woof. – Nasus

25th August: The dance of blades. – Katarina

24th August: How old are we, Lamb? Older than those whose footsteps are long vanished. Many years. I remember them all. – Kindred

23rd August: Storm unleashed! – Volibear

22nd August: Rocks should really come with an instruction manual. – Taliyah

21st August: Follow my blade! – Tryndamere

20th August: Water for the living, shovel for the dead. – Yorick

19th August: Life as Garen just simple. Just swing sword around. Very bland, yes. – Neeko

18th August: Cheater’s just a fancy word for winner. – Twisted Fate

17th August: One day, the music will stop. Better dance while you can! – Seraphine

16th August: Improve your skills! Then find me again – Wukong.

15th August: The scent of prey – Rengar

14th August: Dance with what brought you: in this case, blades. – Irelia

13th August: If light travels so fast, how come it’s never caught a ninja? – Shen

12th August: Born in Shurima, raised by Noxus. Maybe I’ll die in Demacia to make things interesting, huh? – Samira

11th August: A sword mirrors its owner. – Riven

10th August: Your source code is flawed. – Camille

9th August: Silver of the moon. – Vayne

8th August: I am an artist with a sword, in more ways than one. – Fiora

7th August: Fear my sting – Skarner

6th August: Hmm, something’s fishy. – Fizz

5th August: I am your sister. I am listening. – Aphelios

4th August: Can someone please get the pigeons out of my head? – Galio

3rd August: You’re not the only Yordle who knows how to fly, Corki. – Tristana

2nd August: Oohoohoo, Singed! You smell nice! – Twitch

1st August: Poor lost souls. – Thresh

31st July: A little smash and grab. – Vi

30th July: Does your establishment have any tables? – Tahm Kench

29th July: Hmm, today should I follow my head? Or my nose, or.. OH! Sunbeam ahead! Let’s chase that! – Yuumi

28th July: Behold, the righteous flame! – Kayle

27th July: First light approaches – Leona

26th July: Feeding time! – Kog’Maw

23rd July: Still can’t believe I get to move my hands and feet all on my own! – Gwen

22nd July: Long live the Rebellion! – Sylas

21st July: I love how the grass is fluffy on my toes. – Ivern

20th July: Got axes, need victims. – Draven

18th July: The garden is filled with burls… – Lillia

17th July: Shaken, not stirred. – Singed

16th July: Lying is, like, ninety five percent of what I do. – LeBlanc

15th July: Feel the thunder. – Jayce

14th July: The Fist of Shadow was my mom. I do things differently. – Akali

13th July: Let’s use all the colors! – Lulu

12th July: A raven’s eye view. – Swain

11th July: Afraid of the dark? – Nocturne

10th July: 10th July: I dance so fine I kill. – Rakan

9th July: Eww, whale breath. – Nami

8th July: Life sucks… but at least I’m not you. – Vex

7th July: The world began in ice and it will end in ice. – Lissandra

6th July: Hut, two, three, four. – Teemo

5th July: I am the snow, wind, and ice – Anivia

4th July: Someone call for a sheriff? – Caitlyn

3rd July: This art is a compulsion. I cannot resist it. – Jhin

2nd July: Shurima! Your emperor has returned! – Azir

1st July: Time tick-ticks away. – Orianna

30th June: The scroll… burn it… – Ryze

29th June: I am the tip of the spear, raised against surrender! – Pantheon

28th June: The thing about light is… it never really dies.

27th June: To conquer one’s self is to conquer all – Karma

26th June: Trample their bones – Hecarim

25th June: Is it the moustache? Who knows? – Braum

24th June: Chop chop! – Olaf

23rd June: Sink ’em all. – Pyke

22nd June: I never play with matches. – Annie

21st June: Indulge me – Ahri

20th June: Whispers on the wind speak of a masked swordsman with two blades. – Yasuo

19th June: I’m up to snuff, and gots me an ace machine! – Corki

18th June: Finally! A man who can satisfy me. – Evelynn

17th June: Death is in bloom – Zyra

16th June: Stampede! – Alistar

15th June: 15th June: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uh… hammer! – Poppy

14th June: The balance of power must be preserved – Kassadin

13th June: Shed the frailty of flesh, embrace the cold edge of iron. – Mordekaiser

12th June: 12th June: My axe is getting cold! – Sion

11th June: Metal is harder than flesh – Blitzcrank

10th June: Human melting point remains… inconsistent. – Vel’Koz

9th June: Yep – Rammus

8th June: The wounds of betrayal never heal – Kalista

7th June: Tentakill! – Illaoi

6th June: Trample them! – Sejuani

5th June: Behold my true form – Shyvana

4th June: You shall bear witness to the only true Ascended this day. – Xerath

3rd June: Night approaches – Diana

2nd June: They haven’t come back from the fields. It’s been three days. – Fiddlesticks

1st June: Embrace the jaws of death. – Renekton

31st May: Fighting is in my blood… I mean… my goo. – Zac

30th May: Time to reap. – Kayn

29th May: You wanna see how to disarm a bomb? – Ziggs

28th May: Hate me if you must. Until she returns to my arms, all will be brought to ruin. – Viego

27th May: – Akshan

26th May: Sound the march! – Xin Zhao

25th May: One blade carries the weight of my past. The other, holds the key to my future… – Yone

24th May: For Demacia – Garen

23rd May: Joy in all things! – Nilah

22nd May: Ah, my favorite part of the job: product testing – Renata Glasc

21st May: Take my time machine, Urgot. You clearly need it more – Ekko

20th May: Your souls will feed the Void! – Cho’Gath

19th May: Haha, see the way they scramble like baby armadillos! – K’Sante

18th May: No, I’m not happy to see you… – Soraka

17th May: Imagine if I had a real weapon! – Jax

16th May: You know what they say about big gems, right? – Taric

15th May: Even now, your loved ones suffer!

14th May: Rock solid – Malphite

13th May: If you run, you won’t see me stab you! – Katarina

12th May: Shagdovala! – Gnar

11th May: Out of the lantern… hell came with me – Senna

10th May: My arrows fly true – Graves

9th May: My arrows fly true – Ashe

8th May: There’s a right side and a wrong side to these guns. Don’t wanna be on the wrong side – Lucian

7th May: You patient or donor? It not matter. Me do same thing – Dr Mundo

6th May: Spineless? No. Flexible? Extremely – Cassiopeia

5th May: Ugh, I lost another blade. I wonder who it’s in this time – Talon

4th May: Lightning in a gun coming through – Zeri

3rd May: What’d you say ’bout my momma? – Sett

2nd May: Well, just ’cause you’re a hallucination and I don’t speak lizard don’t mean I can’t understand you! – Kled

1st May: You think I’m crazy? You should see my sister! – Jinx

30th April: Join the chorus of death – Karthus

29th April: Fly swiftly… kill swiftly – Quinn

28th April: I will be the best – Wukong

27th April: Purge with silver – Vayne

26th April: Only a fool plays the hand he’s dealt – Twisted Fate

25th April: A broken blade is more than enough for the likes of you! – Riven

24th April: There are no wolves like me! – Kindred

23rd April: The shadows have enlightened me – Zed

22nd April: I always shoot first – Miss Fortune

21st April: I cannot stop. The forest needs me – Maokai

20th April: Yes, they make shurikens this small! – Kennen

19th April: I am the rock! – Taliyah

18th April: Who let the dogs out? Woof. Woof. Woof – Nasus

17th April: Some say the world will end in fire – Brand

16th April: Go ahead, be negative. You’ll be just my type – Vladimir

15th April: The storm approaches – Janna

14th April: A creature great, a mountain guard… – Nunu

13th April: Defy Noxus and taste your own blood – Darius

12th April: Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like banana – Zilean

11th April: The trolls are going to war! – Trundle

10th April: The scent of prey – Rengar

9th April: Y’know, there’s not enough unicorns here! – Zoe

8th April: A little smash and grab – Vi

7th April: Position for ambush – Kha’Zix

6th April: Oh, I was born to ruffle feathers – Xayah

5th April: How about a drink? – Singed

4th April: Wing Punch – Galio

3rd April: Cannonball – Tristana

2nd April: A wrong note is just…a happy little accident – Sona

1st April: Squeak..squeak..squeak – Urf

31st March: Mmm.. FOOD! – Kog’Maw

30th March: Never look a tulip in the eye… – Lulu

29th March: Precision and Grace – Fiora

28th March: I am the voice of the silence – Bel’Veth

27th March: They say the desert is a cruel mistress. I like the sound of that – Sivir

26th March: Turbo on— ! Uh… woah— ! Just needs a little kick start there – Rumble

25th March: First light approaches – Leona

24th March: I have your scent – Warwick

23rd March: Let’s admire me for a bit – Draven

22nd March: If light travels so fast, how come it’s never caught a ninja? – Shen

21st March: We’re in this together. Darkness and light – Aphelios

20th March: What is the worth of a soul? – Thresh

19th March: I remain human… for the most part – Camille

18th March: I must admit, I have a thing for… legs – Urgot

17th March: My last whisper will be yogurt mold – Twitch

16th March: After fight ends, everyone invited to picnic! Even enemies – Neeko

15th March: I’ll stay in the forest…until I learn how to use doors – Lillia

14th March: I am beyond death – Hecarim

13th March: True appetite never wanes – Tahm Kench

12th March: The chicken or the egg? Actually I came first – Anivia

11th March: Do I scare you, summoner? – Nocturne

10th March: Now you see me, now you don’t! – Shaco

9th March: Mother always said – float like iceberg, sting like thrown iceberg! – Braum

8th March: I will roar the world into stillness… so must it be – Volibear

7th March: Every web, a masterpiece – Elise

6th March: Potatoes are always watching – Ivern

5th March: I have seen two paths and made another between – Karma

4th March: Oblivion awaits – Malzahar

3rd March: Stampede – Alistar

2nd March: Have a drink – Gragas

1st March: You may experience mild… incineration – Vel’Koz

28th February: I Only Do One Night Stands – Evelynn

27th February: We all shine on – like a diamond – Lux

26th February: Chop chop – Olaf

25th February: Sure as the tides – Nami

24th February: Beware the depths – Nautilus

23rd February: I’m the rose that survived the desert – Samira

22nd February: I make cold look…hot – Lissandra

21st February: My dance has 42 forms. They’ll only see one – Irelia

20th February: My theater is the mind – Jhin

19th February: On all legs – Skarner

18th February: Beware ravens? The words of a fool who knew nothing of demons – Swain

17th February: The world is a desert. I am the oasis – Azir

16th February: I thought you’d never pick me – Amumu

15th February: Onward! The spear points in only one direction – Pantheon

14th February: Chains build revolutions, one link at a time – Sylas

13th February: Indulge Me – Ahri

12th February: Follow the wind, but watch your back – Yasuo

11th February: I’m getting hot. Where is my royal fanner? – Qiyana

10th February: Behold my true form – Shyvana

9th February: It’s not a phase and I won’t grow out of it! – Vex

8th February: Here’s a tip, and a spear behind it! – Xin Zhao

7th February: Kama or Kunai? Depends how I’m feelin – Akali

6th February: That Just Goes to Show You You’re Nothin’ but a Whiskey Delta – Corki

5th February: Azir! You think you were born to rule me, but I was born to live free! – K’Sante

4th February: One jump ahead of you – Fizz.

3rd February: Anyone got a match? – Ziggs

2nd February: My sister cauterized her wound in Holy Fire. Mine remains – Morgana.

1st February: Are you the hunter…or the prey? – Kai’Sa

31st January: Joy is not an easy power to master. It infects you, becomes you – Nilah.

30th January: I Raise My Iron Fist to Subjugate the Living – Mordekaiser

29th January: DEMACIA! – Jarvan IV

28th January: Nightfall! – Diana

27th January: Trample Them – Sejuani

26th January: A Rolling Golem Gathers No Rust – Blitzcrank

25th January: Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom! – Cho’Gath

24th January: I Was Forged to Destroy, and You are in My Way – Kayn

23rd January: Still Can’t Believe I Get to Move My Hands and Feet All on My Own! – Gwen

22nd January: Imagine if I had a real weapon! – Jax

21st January: The Ball Is Angry – Orianna

20th January: Morgana is here. How I relish the opportunity to battle my dark shadow. – Kayle

19th January: Wow. All These Songs Sound Amazing. I’ll bring them into harmony! – Seraphine

18th January: See? It’s just a scarecrow – Fiddlesticks

17th January: By the power of the stars – Soraka

16th January: Ride! – Rell

15th January: Many Foes, One Strike! – Master Yi

14th January: Do you have snacks in your pocket? How ’bout now? …How ’bout now?! – Yuumi

13th January: True Gems Sparkle Even in the Absence of Light – Taric

12th January: Money can’t buy happiness? Only someone born rich would agree with that – Renata Glasc

11th January: Caught between a rock… and a hard place – Malphite

10th January: The Forest Holds Many Surprises – Zyra

9th January: I Will Be the Best – Wukong

8th January: Hikuh! – Lee Sin

7th January: Another Game of Snake and Mice – Cassiopeia

6th January: You Got Guts. Too Bad I Gotta Put My Fists Through ‘Em – Sett

5th December: Think I’m Bluffin’? – Graves

4th January: Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!… – Xerath

3rd January: Trapped in a box so long Xerath, they never should have let us out! – Renekton

2nd January: You See This Cape? Ha! I Say Goddamn I’m Sexy! – Rakan

1st January: Claw or spear, your end’s the same – Nidalee

About LoLdle

Reddit user Pimeko posted on the League of Legends subreddit about the Wordle-inspired game for League of Legends fans called LoLdle. The post read, “Hi guys! I just developed, a web game where you have to guess one champion per day and everyone has the same!”  The game has been inspired by the likes of Wordle, Tusmo, Worldle, Cemantix, and Commander Codex, and all the data used in the game is provided by the League of Legends Fandom.

League of Legends Players Feel ARAM Is Simply Not Fun Anymore

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