LetsPlay.Live partners with KRAFTON to host APAC PUBG tournament

LetsPlay.Live partners with KRAFTON to host APAC PUBG tournament

Image credit: KRAFTON / LetsPlay.Live

Esports broadcast and content company LetsPlay.Live has announced a partnership with game developer KRAFTON to host a tournament for its battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Called the PUBG Challenger Rumble Season 2, the tournament will help regional APAC (Asia-Pacific) PUBG teams compete for a chance to secure slots for two major regional competitions. These are the PUBG Global Championship and the PUBG Asia Super Cup.

LetsPlay.Live is an APAC esports production company specialising in organising tournaments and event production. The company has worked with notable esports brands such as Riot Games for the VALORANT Challengers Oceania, SuperCell for the Clash Royale World Tour 2023, and the Overwatch World Cup.

The new partnership sees LetsPlay.Live replace VSPO as KRAFTON’s main partner for the tournament. The second season in 2023 will have a $5,000 (£4030) prize pool.

The PUBG Challenger Rumble provides two separate paths to major international events for best-performing teams. The top team across both seasons in 2023 will get an invitation to the PUBG Global Championship 2023 in Thailand later this year as the official representative of the Asia-Pacific region. The top four teams from Season 2 will, in addition, qualify for the PUBG Asia Super Cup, a $100,000 (£80,770) off-season event.

The Challenger Rumble allows for teams to participate in open qualifiers ahead of the main event, which enables a large number of regional teams to try and secure a spot at the main tournament. The qualifiers open on September 18th, and the tournament will conclude with a grand final between October 20th and 22nd.

Duane Mutu, Managing Director, LetsPlay.Live, commented on the news: “We are honoured that KRAFTON, Inc has trusted us with its brand in the years we have been working with them to bring PUBG tournaments to the ANZ market.

“With our continued expansion into the Asia-Pacific arena, this relationship has allowed us to develop pathways for our players to been seen on the global esports stage.”

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