International Esports Federation unveils HRH Prince Faisal as new Acting President

The International Esports Federation (IESF) today announced HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud as its new Acting President. The news follows Vlad Marinescu’s decision to step down from the position.

 HRH Prince Faisal will assume his new role with immediate effect having previously been the organization’s Global Vice President in the interim until the upcoming general assembly, where the new president will be voted in. 

It is worth noting that the decision of President Marinescu to step down stems from the evolving demands to serve the global esports community, and he believes that a heightened level of dedication is required, firmly entrusting this responsibility to His Royal Highness Prince Faisal, the newly appointed interim president.

“I believe what we need now is a total unity of Esports at the International Level, which will lead to recognition by the Olympic Movement and closer relations with Publishers. I believe that the right person to lead us to this unity is H.R.H Prince Faisal. 

Vlad Marinescu

He added: “He is a person that I respect and appreciate, who breaths and bleeds esports. He has set an example in Saudi of what a National Federation can achieve. He is well respected and also holds high positions in the Global Esports Federation. He is a friend, who I trust with this heavy next task and to further develop and promote the IESF.”

“I am honored to have been trusted with this key position within the Federation and look forward to continuing the magnificent work that has been driven under Vlad’s remarkable leadership in recent years.

Looking ahead, I am greatly enthused by the opportunities to elevate the world of sports to greater heights. With a strong emphasis on strategy, governance, and growth, the IESF will continue organizing exceptional tournaments and events, uniting the world’s elite esports athletes, and fostering an inclusive environment of fair competition to support the global esports community and drive our industry forward.”

HRH Prince Faisal

“Working alongside Vlad has been a true please,” he added. “The IESF would not be in the brilliant position it is today without his ideas, influence, and impact. I echo the sentiment of all my colleagues and friends at the Federation in wishing him the very best for the future.”

Along with his interim presidency, HRH Prince Faisal will retain his position as Vice President of the Global Esports Federation. Additionally, he brings in vast experience and expertise in the esports space from his other roles in the sector. He has led both the Saudi Esports Federation (SEF) and Arab Esports Federation (AEF) since their establishment in 2017, combining his roles and responsibilities with those of the IESF Global Vice President.

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