Indian Mobile MOBA GuruDharma – Age of Bravery: All You Need to Know

Indian Mobile MOBA GuruDharma - Age of Bravery: All You Need to Know

When the Indian mobile gaming industry and fans were left helpless with the ban on PUBG Mobile along with a possibility of a ban on Free Fire in 2020, many gamers turned to a homegrown alternative named FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards, developed and published by nCore Games.

nCore Games found a lot of success with this multiplayer-action mobile title. The studio has now opened up pre-registrations for a brand new, Indian-made mobile MOBA [Multiplayer online battle arena]. Titled GuruDharma – Age of Bravery, this mobile MOBA is a 5v5 game which presents an “extraordinary journey where mythology meets strategy, and heroes rise to glory.

Here’s all you need to know about GuruDharma.

All You Need to Know About GuruDharma – Age of Bravery

GuruDharma is a mobile MOBA just like Wild Rift and has similar features and characteristics. Here are some of the basics of the game:

Yoddhas: Champions or characters in GuruDharma are called Yoddhas. The games offers a diverse roster of legendary heroes, each possessing unique abilities and roles inspired by ancient Indian legends.

Meenaar: Towers are called Meenaar in GuruDharma and the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s main tower while defending your own. “Strategy is your sword, and teamwork is your shield,” says nCore Games.

Jungle: Just like in Wild Rift, players will have access to a mystical jungle filled with creatures and other magical secrets. Upon getting your hands on the right resources, you will have the opportunity to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

The basic gameplay idea is simple: Players need to work on teamwork and cooperation. By coordinating with your team to secure objectives and to control vital areas of the map, you will be able to clinch victory.

Just like in any other MOBA, your hero or Yoddha will evolve as you progress in the game. The publisher says, “Level up and unlock new abilities, enhancing your hero’s power and versatility. Every decision and battle you face is a stepping stone toward triumph.”

nCore Games also noted that players will have the opportunity to rise through the ranks, conquer foes, and etch their names in “history as the ultimate champion of Gurudharma”, possibly meaning that the game will likely have a dedicated ranked mode.

[These features were taken from the Google Play description of GuruDharma]

The pre-registrations for the game are currently open and very soon, the publisher will provide more details about the game’s official launch date.

nCore is a mobile game and interactive entertainment company based out of Bangalore, India. It creates and publishes mobile games for the Indian market.

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