IESF establishes Publisher Commission and unanimously elected Mr. Hussain AlKooheji as Board Member and Executive Chairman of the Commission

IESF establishes Publisher Commission and unanimously elected Mr. Hussain AlKooheji as Board Member and Executive Chairman of the Commission

Busan, South Korea (July 28, 2023) – The International Esports Federation (IESF) proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Hussain AlKooheji as a distinguished Board Member and Executive Chairman of the IESF Publishers Commission. This appointment comes as a testament to Mr. AlKooheji’s exemplary leadership, remarkable achievements, and unwavering commitment to the World  Esports Family.

As the world’s preeminent governing body of esports, IESF has been instrumental in advancing the growth and development of competitive gaming on a global scale,” said IESF President Vlad Marinscu.

“IESF recognizes that the unique challenges faced by publishers, who play a crucial role in shaping the esports landscape, necessitate a dedicated platform for engagement and cooperation. Establishing a Publishers Commission within IESF will provide a structured framework for addressing these challenges and ensure a collective effort towards the betterment of the industry.”

The Publishers Commission will focus on advancing the following areas:

The commission aims to promote open dialogue and communication among game publishers, encouraging the sharing of best practices, industry insights, and collective problem-solving.

Through collaborative efforts, we seek to devise strategies that foster sustainable growth in the gaming industry, ensuring a healthy ecosystem for both established publishers and gamers.

The commission will identify key challenges faced by game publishers and explore opportunities for innovation, expansion, and diversification within the gaming market.

As the President of the Bahrain Esports Federation and Vice President of the GCC Esports Federation, Mr. AlKooheji has played a pivotal role in spearheading the growth of the esports community in Bahrain and championing the development of local athletes into regional and world champions. His passion for gaming since the 80s has nurtured a profound understanding of the industry, and his continued dedication to esports has led him to achieve significant milestones as an esports athlete, notably being crowned the Champion of the 2021 Season 4 Redbull M.E.O. PUBG Arab Championship.

“I am honored and humbled to have been appointed as a Board Member and Executive Chairman of the IESF Game Publishers Commission,” said Mr. AlKooheji. “Esports has always been close to my heart, and I am excited to leverage my experience, champion’s mentality, and multicultural background to contribute to the strategic growth and development of the industry on a global scale.”

As a five-time Superbike champion, Mr. AlKooheji’s goal-oriented approach and the champion’s mentality have consistently driven him to excel both on and off the digital battlefield. With a proven track record in community engagement, partnership building, and fostering positive relationships within the esports ecosystem, Mr. AlKooheji is set to bridge continents and drive strategic initiatives in his new role.

As Executive Chairman of the IESF Game Publishers Commission, Mr. AlKooheji will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in shaping the future of esports worldwide. His passion for diversity, inclusivity, and excellence aligns seamlessly with IESF’s mission, and he is committed to furthering the organization’s objectives on a global scale.

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