How to Get Diablo 4’s Vermilion Dark Tome and Vermilion Bolt Thrower Bundle

How to Get Diablo 4’s Vermilion Dark Tome and Vermilion Bolt Thrower Bundle

Blizzard Entertainment has partnered with Amazon to offer some free cosmetics via Prime Gaming. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber you can get access to the cosmetics for ‘free’ along with a bunch of other items for other Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch. If you are wondering how you can grab the Vermilion Dark Tome and Vermilion Bolt Thrower Bundle in Diablo 4, here’s a quick guide to help you do so.

How to claim Diablo 4 Prime Gaming Drops (September 2023)

You can go to and search for Diablo IV or you can head to the Diablo IV Prime Gaming landing page. All you need to do is click on the Claim button and you will receive the items directly in-game. If your account is not linked, you will be asked to login to your account to receive your items.

Here’s what you will receive: 

Vermilion Dark Tome

Vermilion Bolt Thrower

Note, the Vermilion Dark Tome is equipable for Sorcerer and Necromancer classes only and the Vermilion Bolt Thrower is equipable for Rogue classes only.

If you’ve collected the content but don’t see it in the game, make sure that the Amazon Prime account you used to get the content is linked to the same account you use to play Daablo IV. To verify the correct account is linked, go to your Amazon linked accounts page here.

If you linked the wrong account to your Amazon account, log out of your account, then follow to go through the account linking process again. Note that each offer can only be redeemed once by an Amazon Prime membership and a account.

How to get Diablo 4 × Prime Gaming Collaboration Event drops for free

You will need to sign up for a trial Prime account if you want to get access to the Prime Gaming drops for Diablo 4 for free.

Head to

Click on ‘Try Prime’

Sign Up for a trial period of 30 days with your Amazon account.

If you sign-up for a fresh account, you will need to link a payment method like a debit card or credit card. $1 will be deducted temporarily from you to verify the payment information’s authenticity, but it will be refunded to you within 24 hours. If your region does not offer Prime Gaming drops then you will not be able to access the loot.

How to Get Free Battle Pass Tier Skips in Diablo 4 with Amazon Prime Gaming

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