How to Find the Harper Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How to Find the Harper Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an adventure-packed role playing game centered around exploration. There is valuable loot all over the place. And as players embark on their Baldur’s Gate 3 journey, they come across the region of the Underdark in Act 1. Here lies one of the trickiest chests to find – the Harper Stash. 

Not only does going on a treasure quest help players digress from the intense battles, but it also helps them gather valuable loot. So, here is a guide to help players find the Harper Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Guide to Finding the Harper Stash in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Harper Stash Hidden Cache holds precious items. While players set out to find the stash, it also gives them a chance to explore the mysterious region of the Underdark. Here lie secrets that add layers of depth to the story. Players need to unearth the hidden location of the stash near Grymforge and defeat the grotesque guardians that crawl around, guarding the treasure. Lastly, players need to disarm the treasure chest to open it.

Getting to Grymforge

While some players may already find themselves in Grymforge, creating equipment in the Adamantine Forge, others will still need to get here. To reach Grymforge, players need to set out on a sailboat through the dark trenches towards the southwest of Myconid Colony in Underdark. From here, they will reach the Beach Waypoint. Here, players will need to find a boat at the Underdark Duerger Outpost. While doing so, they will have to combat Duerger Forces. Either fight them or talk them out of fighting, depending on your pact with the Myconids. 

Sail the Underdark Dueger Boat in the dark, where players will come across another boat. Either convince the military men to become friends or fight them. Players will eventually find themselves in the Gyrmforge.

Exploring the region of Grymforge 

Upon reaching the Grymforge, climb the flight of stairs to the right. Also, players must have at least one lockpick tool in their inventory to unlock the stash. Climb the next set of stairs until players reach a large plaza at the top of the castle filled with lava. The objective is to find the location where Nere is trapped. 

Players will come across a door that is barricaded with rocks, with an open gate next to it. Enter the open gate and head right before ascending the cliffs, where a campfire is visible. Take the flight of stairs in front of it that heads down, and then there will be another set of stairs leading to the Cragged Rock Wall (it will be outlined in white). It can be ‘used’ to descend to a lower platform. 

Unlocking the Chest

Now, players will see an enormous chest, and as they interact with it, they will realize that it’s a monster. Two more monsters will appear, and in order to move forward in the quest, players will have to slay all three of them. The best way to go about this is to knock them off the giant cliff. Now, make a manual save to save the progress. 

At the edge of the cliff, there will be a Toy Chest Item. An Investigation Prompt will appear, and this is where the lockpick tool is required to unlock the stash. Additionally, players can also use the Trap Disarm Toolkit to unlock it. The Harper Stash will open, but in order to redeem all the awards, players must roll the die to 20. If they are not lucky at the first attempt, they can load the manually saved progress to resume the roll. 

Stacking the bonuses can be helpful in this case, allowing players to make their best attempt at getting the 20. 

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