How Do You Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

How Do You Tame a Cat in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a plethora of different things that you can do. From building a simple crating table to building a home in a different dimension, this sandbox game lets you do it all. Apart from engaging in various activities, the game also provides you with tons of different animal companions from ocelots, wolves, llamas, regular horses, and even skeletal horses. If you are a cat lover, you might be wondering if the game lets you tame them. Yes, you can certainly tame cats to be your favorite feline friends. Here’s how you can do it.

Taming a Cat in Minecraft

In the initial stages of the game, the ocelot pretty much filled the space for a cat but as the game kept getting updated we saw the inclusion of stray cats which can be tamed as your domestic pets. Although the process of taming a cat is simple, the game does not necessarily walk you through it.

How to Tame a Cat?

Similar to reality, the cats in Minecraft also have an affinity for fish. You need to have some raw cod or raw salmon in your inventory in order to feed the cats and tame them. If you do not have fish, you can use a fishing rod in most rivers and lakes to acquire some.

Keep in mind that cats are sensitive to your movement; you need to be very cautious while approaching them, as any sudden motion can scare them away from you. Equip the fish in your hand and once you notice that you have its attention, you must feed the raw fish to it. You will notice this when you see red hearts appear on the screen, indicating that you have tamed them successfully. It does take quite a few fish in order to tame them so make sure you’ve got enough.

Where Can You Find Cats in Minecraft?

 Cats are relatively easier to find in Minecraft. You can find several stray cats in a village that is well-populated. They usually spawn in villages. For every four beds in a village, the game will spawn one cat. You can also find an abundance of black cats near witch huts. The game offers 11 different varieties of cats, they are:




British Shorthair








Once you acquire a cat as a trusted companion, it will follow you around everywhere as you embark on different adventures in the game. Apart from being cute little creatures, they are also really useful as creepers and other phantoms do not like being around them.

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