Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan Prefarm Guide: Ascension and Trace Materials

Honkai Star Rail Fu Xuan Prefarm Guide: Ascension and Trace Materials

The highly anticipated arrival of Fu Xuan, the Quantum Preservation powerhouse, in Honkai Star Rail’s version 1.3 update has stirred excitement among players. As her release date approaches, players understand the value of pre-farming her essential materials for ascension and trace level-up. This guide delves into the intricate details of Fu Xuan’s ascent, offering a comprehensive overview of the materials required for her optimal growth.

Fu Xuan’s Ascension Materials

As Fu Xuan takes her place on the battlefield, ascending her to unlock her full potential becomes a top priority. Here’s a breakdown of the materials needed for each phase of her ascension:

Ascension Level 1:

Artifex’s Module (5)

Credits (4,000)

Ascension Level 2:

Artifex’s Cogwheel (15)

Credits (8,000)

Ascension Level 3:

Artifex’s Cogwheel (6)

Nail of the Ape (3)

Credits (16,000)

Ascension Level 4:

Artifex’s Gyreheart (6)

Nail of the Ape (7)

Credits (40,000)

Ascension Level 5:

Artifex’s Gyreheart (6)

Nail of the Ape (20)

Credits (80,000)

Ascension Level 6:

Artifex’s Gyreheart (9)

Nail of the Ape (35)

Credits (160,000)

Each ascension phase brings Fu Xuan closer to her ultimate potential, enhancing her abilities and power on the battlefield.

Fu Xuan’s Trace Level Up Materials

Fu Xuan’s prowess is further magnified through her trace level-up materials. These elements contribute to her growth and evolution as a Quantum Preservation specialist. Here’s a comprehensive list of the trace materials required for her development:

Credits: 3 million

Endurance of Bronze: 18

Artifex’s Module: 41

Oath of Steel: 69

Artifex’s Cogwheel: 56

Artifex’s Gyreheart: 58

Regret of Infinite Ochema: 12

Tracks of Destiny: 8

Safeguard of Amber: 38

Mastering the utilization of these trace materials will empower Fu Xuan to stand strong against any challenges that Honkai Star Rail presents.

With these insights into Fu Xuan’s ascension and trace materials, along with a strategic build, you’ll be poised to harness her boundless potential as Honkai Star Rail version 1.3 unfolds.

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