Here Are the Best Controller Settings for EA Sports FC 24

Here Are the Best Controller Settings for EA Sports FC 24

EA FC 24 has officially been released and is available on various platforms. The game offers players brand-new features and several overhauls to differentiate itself from its predecessors. Players can also choose from various customization options in terms of graphical settings and controls.

One important aspect that is often ignored, is the advantage players can gain from tweaking their input settings, according to their needs and preferences. If you are wondering about the best settings for controllers in FC 24, you have stumbled upon the right article. Let’s jump right in and take a look.

How to Change Controller Settings in EA FC 24?

In order to modify your controller’s settings, you need to head into the game’s main menu and click on the gear icon which will take you to the general settings page. From there, you might navigate to the Customize Controls option to tweak your controller inputs.

These tweaks might seem trivial to the average player but simple changes to your inputs can have a drastic impact on your gameplay.

Best Controller Settings in EA FC 24

Once you are in the Customize Controls menu, you can choose between Classic and Alternate options, with the main difference being the shoot and cross buttons being swapped, depending on what option you choose.

The game offers various presets you can pick from, although if you are playing online, it will automatically switch to the Competitive preset. This is what it changes:

Auto Shots: Off

Assisted Headers: Off

Auto Flair Pass: Off

Auto Clearances: Off

Jockey: Manual

Contextual Dribbling: Off

However, you can also make more tweaks that will not be impacted by the competitive preset. Here are the best settings:

Competitive Master Switch: On

Through Pass Assistance: Semi

EA FC Trainer: Hide

Timed Finishing: On

Shot Assistance: Assisted

Cross Assistance: Semi

Lobbed Through Pass: Assisted 

Lob Pass: Assisted

Through Pass Assistance: Semi

Ground Pass Assistance: Assisted

Precision Pass Sensitivity: Normal

Clearance Assistance: Directional 

Defending: Tactical Defending 

Pass Block Assistance: On 

Auto Switching: On Air Balls & Loose Balls 

Auto Switching Move Assistance: Low 

Right Stick Switching: Classic

Right Stick Switching Reference: Player Relative 

Sight Stick Switching Sensitivity: 6

Next Player Switching: Classic 

Player Lock: On 

Icon Switching: On

Orbit Dribbling: On

Save Assistance: Assisted

Analog Sprint: Off

From this list, there are various settings that can be changed depending on your preference. Things such as Player Lock and Icon Switching, which lets you manually lock and switch to specific players.

If you are just starting out, you can also keep the EA FC Trainer turned On, which will help you with most things in the game such as passing, shooting, dribbling, etc. It will help you familiarise yourself with the game and you can always turn it off once you get the hang of it.

That’s pretty much it for the best controller settings in EA FC 24. Do note that these settings are basic guidelines. You are free to change them according to your own preferences.

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