Hend Mohamed Hamed Mohamed – Egypt’s first female streamer

Hend Mohamed Hamed Mohamed – Egypt’s first female streamer

This is Hend Mohamed Hamed Mohamed aka Noura, IESF’s Athletes Committee member, and true gaming fanatic!
As Egypt’s first female streamer and a groundbreaker in the esports world, Hend’s mission is to inspire and boost female gamers proving that passion and dedication can lead to success on the TOP!

“My name is Hend and my nickname is Noura, the first female streamer in Egypt and the first female partner with Facebook in Egypt. I love gaming, it’s my passion and my dream to succeed as a female gamer in the middle east.

My experience as a pro player is approximately one year but I have a 5-year experience as a content creator.

I represented Egypt for the first time at the 14th World Esports Championship at Bali, as part of the national team in PUBG Mobile. That was a very exciting time for me, a female athlete to compete against strong opponents and represent my county.

My aspiration is to normalize professional esports careers and to encourage girls in my homeland to pursue their future in gaming. I believe anyone should be able to follow their passion and if they do so, they’ll be able to compete in big tournaments and represent their country in the world competition.

My advice to everyone is to “just start, don’t be afraid of bad comments and the hard work will get you to the top.”

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