Possibly the number one mobile game at the moment in the world, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to break records in terms of popularity, viewership, and number of players. Its community grows by the day and what once was exclusively an Asian mobile game, today it has the world in its grasp.

It took no time for the game to enter into the Esports frame and create a competitive model that will carry out the desire of the players to outplay their opponents. It took even less time for it to scale on a national level and provide the countries with an opportunity to select their best individuals in order to establish regional, if not worldwide dominance.

We mentioned Asia as the MLBB powerhouse, but if we want to be more precise, then our choice of words would be Indonesia, Philippines, and Mongolia. These countries truly developed a team of highly skilled and gifted players that choose to master MLBB to almost unbeatable point. Indonesia and the Philippines both reached the finals at the 14th World Esports Championship being almost unchallenged and gave us the true MLBB show that we were expecting, with Indonesia taking over the gold. 

We cannot expect anything less this year, as we are witnessing the preparation and the selection process for the national teams, Countries are extracting every inch of skill, talent, and motivation, gathering the top-tier players they’ve been blessed with, and marching with full force onto the throne. So we can prove our point, that this is the real state of the matter, we’re presenting three greatly respected players in the MLBB community, each of them prepared to leave it all for his country.

Michael “KyleTzy” Sayson Born August 19, 2005, is a Filipino MLBB phenomenon that is part of one of the most popular teams in MLBB, AP. Bren. KyleTzy is considered to be among the fastest Fanny users in the world with Jungle being his main role. The level of mastery he possesses with heroes like Lancelot and Hayabusa allows him to be an absolute powerhouse when it comes down to being the In-Game Carry.

Hengky “Kyy” Gunawan is the most famous Indonesian MLBB Player and a part of Bigetron Esports. Widely known for making his teammate’s life easier with his skill to Roam and his extreme level of game sense. He is the only player that holds a 100% win rate in an official MLBB tournament ( w/ Diggie Piala Presiden 2022 ). Kyy holds multiple records and is an absolute master at Roaming with heroes like Kaya, Jawhead, and Lolita being his main pick of choice.

Batbold “Ethan” Batjargal, a Mongolian superstar Born June 1, 2005, currently playing Roam for a Mongolian all-star team, Team Lilgun. Ethan is one-of-a-kind support, and with over 22.000 games played, he has been able to rank sky-high in the Global Leaderboards and at one time between the top Global Grock and Minotaur players.

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