Gen.G secures partnership with Idahoan Foods

Gen.G secures partnership with Idahoan Foods

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Multinational esports organisation Gen.G has partnered with potato product manufacturer Idahoan Foods for the launch of the company’s new line of snacks.

As a result of the partnership, the all-new Idahoan Potato Shreds will be the focal point of various Gen.G fan activations at upcoming gaming and esports conventions, including PAX West and DreamHack Atlanta.

The partnership aims to deliver Idahoan Foods’ new Potato Shreds to fans of Gen.G and esports during the upcoming gaming conventions, which also include PAX East and C2E2. At the gamified Idahoan Potato Shreds booth, visitors can participate in crowd giveaways for gaming gear and Shreds snack packs, whilst also receiving free Shreds snack samples.

Moreover, activations also include meet and greets with Gen.G content creator Stanz and gaming personality Raynday. Visitors will have the opportunity to play the Overcooked video game against the two creators for a chance to win prizes.

Idahoan Foods is a manufacturer of dehydrated potato products, which are sold through grocery stores and online retailers. Since its foundation in 1951, the company has continuously expanded its offering, including mashed potatoes in pouches, on-the-go cups, and casserole products.

CRO of Gen.G, Martin Kim, commented on the collaboration with Idahoan Foods: “Gen.G is committed to forming partnerships that provide gamers with unique experiences that cater to their genuine desires, and in the case of massive conventions, that would be powering up with delicious food and a good time!”

Gen.G’s partnership with Idahoan Foods is yet another non-endemic collaboration under the organisation’s belt. Through collaborations outside of the esports industry, Gen.G has secured various deals with non-endemic companies, including Los Angeles-based bakery King’s Hawaiian and NASCAR.

Gen.G also renewed its partnership with McDonald’s in May to launch another season of the McDonald’s Gaming League.

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