Fortnite Item Shop (28 Sep 2023): Skins, Emotes, Gliders, Wraps, Melee, More

Fortnite Item Shop (28 Sep 2023): Skins, Emotes, Gliders, Wraps, Melee, More

Fortnite is a fast-paced battle royale that is played as a third-person shooter. Apart from the exciting and unique gameplay, it also delivers a variety of cosmetic items and skins for players to enjoy.

One of the main ways of acquiring these cosmetics is the Fortnite Item Shop which refreshes on a daily basis, presenting a whole new collection every single day for the community to browse and purchase.

This daily rotation of skins and items keeps the content fresh for all players, while offering something enticing for the players to buy, maybe not every single day but on most days of the week.

Here is everything that the Fortnite Item Shop has in store as part of the daily rotation for everyone today on 28th September 2023.

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Fortnite Item Shop 28 September 2023: Complete Details

The Fortnite Item Shop is available within the game and rotates on a daily basis, replacing all skins and items with new ones without fail, every single day. Here is what the store has to offer today on 28th September 2023.

Fortnite Emotes

Price: 500 V-Bucks

Extraterrestrial | Rare

Pay It Off | Rare

Knee Slapper | Rare

Chicken | Rare

Banner Wave | Rare

Price: 300 V-Bucks

Swagger Strut | Uncommon

Board Flair | Epic

Fortnite Outfits

Price: 2000 V-Bucks

Leviathan | Legendary

Price: 1800 V-Bucks

Human Bill | Epic

Price: 1500 V-Bucks

Vix | Epic

Luminos | Epic

Master Minotaur | Epic

Chloe Kim | Epic

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

Zorgoton | Rare

Penny | Rare

Innovator Slone | Rare

Orin | Rare

Metal Team Leader | Rare

Arctica | Rare

Lucky Leader | Rare

Salty Striker | Rare

Tilted Trooper | Rare

Risky Raider | Rare

Dusty Daredevil | Rare

Fearless Flusher | Rare

Wailing Warrior | Rare

Recline Raider | Rare

Mato Marauder | Rare

Pleasant Patroller | Rare

Price: 800 V-Bucks

Marked Marauder | Uncommon

Banner Trooper | Uncommon

Branded Brigadier | Uncommon

Sgt. Sigil | Uncommon

Fix Fire | Uncommon

Manic | Uncommon

Verge | Uncommon

Branded Brawler | Uncommon

Symbol Stalwart | Uncommon

Lt. Logo | Uncommon

Signature Sniper | Uncommon

Fortnite Melee / Harvesting Tool

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

Shadow Pickaxe Pack | Rare

Global Axe | Epic

Astral Axe | Epic

Price: 800 V-Bucks

Archeo-Scythe | Rare

Purr Axe | Rare

Null Axe | Rare

Frozen Flourish | Epic

Cold Snap | Rare

Price: 500 V-Bucks

Emblematic | Uncommon

Clean Cut | Uncommon

Freezie Friendz | Uncommon

Fortnite Wraps

Price: 500 V-Bucks

Banner | Rare

Price: 300 V-Bucks

Candy Cane | Uncommon

Fortnite Gliders

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

Planetary Probe | Epic

Price: 800 V-Bucks

Nunbola | Epic

Skybound Longboard | Rare

Price: 500 V-Bucks

Custom Cruiser | Uncommon

Fortnite BackBling

Price: 400 V-Bucks

Season Signature | Rare

Banner Cape | Rare

Banner Shield | Rare

Fortnite Bundles

Price: 2800 V-Bucks

First Fighters Bundle | Rare

Early Explorers Bundle | Rare

Price: 2500 V-Bucks

Alien Abduction Bundle Epic

Double Agent Pack | Epic

Price: 2400 V-Bucks

Chloe Kim Bundle | Epic

Price: 2200 V-Bucks

Vanessuh’s Locker Bundle | Rare

Price: 2000 V-Bucks

Banner’s Bravest Bundle | Uncommon

Banner’s Boldest Bundle | Uncommon

Alien Abduction Gear Bundle | Epic

Price: 1900 V-Bucks

Onibi Bundle | Uncommon

Price: 1800

Airphoria Pack | Epic

Price: 1600 V-Bucks

Banner Gear Bundle | Rare

Price: 1200 V-Bucks

Shadow Pickaxe Pack | Rare

All the cosmetics mentioned above are only available for a duration of 24 hours and will be replaced by new skins, items, and bundles the next day at 00:00 UTC, 17:00 PT, 20:00 ET, 02:00 CEST (Next Day), 05:30 IST (Next Day).

Fortnite Item Shop will reset daily, maybe a day ahead or behind depending on your region. Nonetheless, this can be used as a reminder to keep a check on the shop rotation to keep up with everything moving in and out of the store.

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