Former XSET Co-Owner and Netflix executive launch game publisher Midwest Games

Former XSET Co-Owner and Netflix executive launch game publisher Midwest Games

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Midwest Games / Rob Martin

Former XSET Co-Owner and Rob Martin III (Rob Martin) has co-founded a game publishing company called Midwest Games, alongside Former Netflix executive Ben Kvalo.

The company, situated in Green Bay, Wisconsin, will focus on publishing games created by studios that are based in the Midwest region of United States.

The new venture comes around eight months after Martin’s departure from XSET, a company in which he held the positions of Co-Owner and Chief Experience Officer. Martin joined XSET in April 2022 as a part of the acqui-hiring of agency Astoic Management. At XSET, Martin worked on marketing strategies, partner management, and talent management.

He will take on a similar role at Midwest Games, serving as Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships for the new company.

Martin shared the following statement via LinkedIn: “As Head of Partnerships, my goal is to forge strategic alliances that drive this vision forward. I’m deeply committed to working with partners who share our enthusiasm for gaming’s transformative power. Long-term partnerships will always be more valuable than short-term gains. Collaborations are more than business transactions; they’re opportunities to shape an ecosystem where creativity thrives and diverse voices are celebrated.”

He will be joined by notable people from the gaming and entertainment space, with former VP at Crunchyroll Jennifer Corbett joining the company as Chief Marketing Officer. VP of Technology at 2K Mark James and Meta’s Finance Director Liz Kuehn will round up the roster as advisory board members.

Although no information about possible involvement in esports was made, the new company has already sponsored 2D Con, one of the largest gaming and esports events in the Midwest. The company will organise a panel discussion at the event and host activations for visitors.

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