FACEIT launches $100,000 FPL Proving Grounds for Counter-Strike 2

FACEIT launches $100,000 FPL Proving Grounds for Counter-Strike 2

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Esports tournament platform FACEIT, part of the ESL FACEIT Group, has announced its first competitive circuit for the newly-released Counter-Strike 2.

The first season of competitions sees the launch of the FACEIT Pro League (FPL) Proving Grounds, a circuit for aspiring players to showcase their talent.

Players taking part in FPL Proving Grounds will compete for a share of $100,000 (~£81,964) in prize money in addition to invitations to the overarching FPL, and a monthly stipend to assist players on their way to competing on a professional level.

FACEIT will host FPL Proving Grounds events every four months and will act as a qualification into the FPL where the world’s top Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) players compete on a regular basis.

In addition to the launch of FPL Proving Grounds, FACEIT has implemented a new ranking system which aims to create the “ultimate competitive environment” for CS2. As a result, players will experience lower waiting times and a better balance of skill across FACEIT’s competitive matches.

FPL Proving Grounds isn’t the only new competition FACEIT has launched in recent months. In August 2023, the platform made its first foray into competitive PUBG Mobile with tournaments and daily cups.

Niccolo Maisto, co-CEO of ESL FACEIT Group, spoke on the news in a release: “Over the past decade, we have had the honour of collaborating with the CS community to build FACEIT, a platform capable of bolstering the entire CS ecosystem and its sporting scene.

“We seize this moment to extend a warm welcome to all players, organizers, teams, and creators who, like us, have a profound passion for competitive Counter-Strike and want to contribute to grow this great scene even further.”

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