Diablo 4: The Way of the Three Quest Guide

Diablo 4: The Way of the Three Quest Guide

Alongside Diablo 4’s main quest there are several side quests to find around the world. These side quests not only give you some cool rewards and renown but also a chance to experience the world of Sanctuary. One such fun quest to do is The Way of The Three. This secret side quest will not appear on the map until you complete certain actions. Doing the quest involves looking for three statues to get gold, XP, renown and more. Here is how to complete The Way of the Three in Diablo 4.

How to start The Way of the Three quest in Diablo 4

You will not find a quest marker for The Way of the Three in Diablo 4. You will have to make your way to Kehjistan and activate three statues, those of Mephisto, Diablo and Baal. You will have to locate them and activate the shrine by standing in front of it and using the “Cheer” emote. When the statue activates, you’ll see flames appear. 

Diablo Statue Location

You’ll find the Diablo statue in the Shrine of Terror located in the Southern Expanse, in the southern part of the region of Gea Kul.

Make your way here to find the Diablo Statue.

Mephisto Statue Location

Mephisto is a bit hard to come across. It is also located in a Shrine of Terror in the Southern Expanse. Look for it in the northeast of Gae Kul. 

Make your way here to find the Mephisto Statue.

Baal Statue Location

Baal’s statue is found in the Altar of Ruin Stronghold, at the north side of the map. You’ll encounter enemies which spawn after you activate the Baal statue so be ready to take them out.

Make your way here to find the Baal Statue.

Once you’ve activated all three statues, you’ll see The Way Of Three side quest appear with a marker. Make your way to the Unknown Altar in the Gates to Hell, located in Caldeum. 

This will activate the marker for The Way of the Three in Diablo 4.

You’ll see three flames burning, marking the three statues you activated to begin the quest. Once here interact with it to open a Mysterious Gateway. 

Activate the Mysterious Gateway by interacting with the Altar.

Make your way through the cave and interact with the High Priest Corpse. Talk to the spirit that appears and then move towards the Communing Pillar, located to the east. 

The pillar is located to the east of the High Priest Corpse.

This will spawn waves of enemies. Kill them and then destroy the pillar. This will complete The Way of the Three quest. You’ll get the following as rewards:



Kehjistan Renown

Hellfire Hauberk

And that is all you need to know to complete The Way of the Three secret side quest in Diablo 4.

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