Can You Play Honkai: Star Rail on the Steam Deck?

Can You Play Honkai: Star Rail on the Steam Deck?

Honkai Star Rail is Hoyoverse’s latest turn-based action RPG which has Gacha elements incorporated into it. The game will get its 1.3 update on 30th August which will bring a new map called Aurum Alley while also adding a new plot with an emphasis on the conflict between Tayzzyronth and other Aeons. The game is currently available for PC and Mobile devices that run iOS and Android. However, if you wish to experience the game with PC-level graphics on the go, you might be considering Valve’s Steam Deck, after all the handheld can run miHoYo’s Genshin Impact albeit with a workaround. Let’s jump right in and see if we can run HSR on the console.

Can you Play Honkai: Star Rail on the Steam Deck?

Unfortunately, there is no official support for HSR to run on Linux-based systems and the Steam Deck happens to be one of them, running the SteamOS. Although Genshin Impact can run on the Steam Deck (with a bit of a workaround), Hoyoverse has designed HSR’s anti-cheat software which makes it incompatible to run using the same workaround.

Further elevating the issue is the fact that miHoYo is actively banning players if they try to run Honkai: Star Rail on the handheld using third-party software. We strongly recommend you not to do so as several sources have confirmed the fact that miHoYo is administering huge ban waves across servers.

However, Valve’s handheld is incredibly versatile which allows it to run dual operating systems, meaning you can dual boot Windows and SteamOS on it. So if you do wish to play Honkai: Star Rail on your beloved Steam Deck, you must do so only by booting into Windows and then following the standard procedure of downloading and installing the game either through the game’s official site or through the Epic Games Store.

If you do not want to go through the hassle of figuring out the complex process of dual booting Windows on the Steam Deck, the iOS or Android version of the game still provides a solid Honkai: Star Rail experience and you would not be missing out on any core gameplay features between the PC and the mobile version.

Honkai Star Rail 1.4: Guinaifen Release Date, Abilities, Eidolons

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