BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Teams, Results, Standings, Schedule, Format, More

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Teams, Results, Standings, Schedule, Format, More

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series Season 2 has reached its last stage, BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals, and is all set to crown the champion on 27th August.

Out of the 24 participants that kicked off the tournament, only 16 teams remain in the race to cross the finish line. The defending champion, Global Esports is still very much alive in the competition, qualifying straight from the regular season.

The team will surely be feeling the pressure to defend its throne with 15 other top-tier teams out on the hunt to tear it down and claim the title for themselves.

Here is everything you need to know about the BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals along with an up-to-date tracker of all match results and overall standings.

BGMS Season 2 Playoffs: Teams, Results, Standings, Schedule, Format, More

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Complete Details

Four stages of the BGMS Season 2 have concluded – BGMS Season 2 Launch Week, BGMS Season 2 Week 1, BGMS Season 2 Week 2, and BGMS Season 2 Playoffs.

So far plenty of high-octane BGMI action has been witnessed and it is only going to get better with the upcoming BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals, scheduled to take place from 25th to 27th August.

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Teams

The 16 teams that are competing in the BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals are as follows,

Blind Esports


Global Esports

Marcos Gaming

OR Esports

Medal Esports

Velocity Gaming

Enigma Gaming

Team 8Bit

WSB Gaming

Gods Reign



Lucknow Giants

Gladiators Esports

Team X Spark

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Schedule and Results

The BGMS Season 2 is scheduled to take place from 4th to 27th August from 21:30 IST onwards live on Star Sports.

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: 25th to 27th August

Day 1 | 25th August

Day 2 | 26th August

Day 3 | 27th August

Overall Standing

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Prize Pool

The total prize pool of INR 2.1 Crores has been divided between all the 24 competing teams and will be distributed depending on their overall standing in the tournament.

BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals: Format

The 16 qualified teams will take on each other over the course of three match days.

On each of those days, four matches will be played between the 16 teams, resulting in a total of 12 matches across three days.

As per the overall standings, the top team will be crowned as the champion of BGMS Season 2.

BGMS Season 2: Complete Format

The BGMS Season 2 Grand Finals are scheduled to take place from 25th to 27th August. With only 12 matches separating the final 16 teams from their fate, who do you think will walk away as the champion?

Will Global Esports successfully defend its title or will a new contender rise to take over the throne, only time will tell.

BGMS Season 2 Playoffs Recap: Match Summary and Overall Standings

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