All maps in Vampire Survivors and how to unlock them

All maps in Vampire Survivors and how to unlock them

Vampire Survivors

The ultimate goal of Vampire Survivors is to survive the attacks of monsters that swarm up players at every level. Each one of them has its own intricate arc, offering a versatile gaming experience. But if players wish to explore the other unlocked maps, they will have to wait for a while as they fight to unlock them. 

However, players can also venture out of their island in order to find other maps. Every level has something new to offer in the game, with complex challenges and intense goal to survive the attack of monsters. The game consists of 12 maps, out of which, 5 are regular maps, while the rest are bonus maps, which can be unlocked by fulfilling a certain objective.

Here is everything you need to know about how to unlock the maps in Vampire Survivors. 

The Five Normal Maps in Vampire Survivors

When the game begins, players will come across five ‘normal’ or regular stages in Vampire Survivors that they need to fulfill in order to up your game. The stages can be fulfilled by reaching a certain level with your character. Players can engage in level-specific activities in order to unlock the maps as soon as possible. 

Mad Forest: Your journey begins here, as you acquaint yourself with the game’s mechanics while facing swarming creatures. This stage offers a +10% movement speed modifier.

Inlaid Library: To unlock this map, progress through Mad Forest until level 20. Enjoy a +25% movement speed boost as you delve into its depths.

Dairy Plant: Unlock Dairy Plant by completing 40 levels in Inlaid Library. Here, you’ll gain +10% movement speed and a 20% gold bonus.

Gallo Tower: After conquering the previous three levels, unlock Gallo Tower by reaching level 60 in Dairy Plant. This stage grants a +25% movement speed boost and a 30% gold bonus.

Cappella Magna: The final normal stage opens up after achieving level 80 in Gallo Tower. Enjoy a +40% movement speed increase and a 40% gold bonus in this challenging level.

Hyper Mode Maps in Vampire Survivors

There are a series of maps that are yet to be explored, leaving the game as a tangled mess, waiting for players to come and unravel it. The remaining maps include bonus stages unlocked through the hyper mode. To unlock these, players need to fulfill certain missions pertaining in the original maps to unlock the hype version of it.    

The following are the hype mode maps available in the game. 

Mad Forest Hyper Mode: Defeat the Giant Blue Venus monster.

Inlaid Library Hyper Mode: Conquer the Nesuferit monster.

Dairy Plant Hyper Mode: Overcome the Sword Giant.

Gallo Tower Hyper Mode: Tackle the Giant Crab.

Cappella Magna Hyper Mode: Face off against the Trinacria.

Upon unlocking these stages, players can unlock some other additional stages in Hyper Mode. It is not necessary for players to play the Hyper Mode and unlock all bonus stages. However, it can be a helpful mode of practice if the primary goal is to unlock all the levels in the game. The following are some additional stages. 

Additional Hyper Mode Stages:

Il Molise: Unlocked with at least one Hyper Mode stage completed, even from a regular map. Enjoy a 15-minute time limit, +25% movement speed, and restricted enemy movement.

Moonglow: Unlock Moonglow by conquering Hyper Mode in four normal stages. This level features a 15-minute time limit, +35% movement speed, and bonus stage items.

Green Acres: Open up Green Acres by unlocking Hyper Mode in at least two normal maps. Face a 15-minute time limit, +25% movement speed, +50% enemy health, and a random influx of monsters from various stages.

The Bone Zone: Access the Bone Zone by unlocking Hyper Mode in any three stages. Benefit from +25% movement speed, +50% gold earned, and no item drops.

Boss Rash: Conquer Hyper Mode in all normal stages to gain access to Boss Rash, where you face every boss in the game in a series of rounds. Features include a 15-minute time limit, +25% movement speed, +50% enemy health, and bosses from all stages.

Tiny Bridge: Reach level 80 in Gallo Tower to unlock Tiny Bridge, a challenging map with a 20-minute time limit, +25% movement speed, +30% gold, and increasingly powerful enemies.

Hidden Maps in Vampire Survivors

The game holds even more secrets with hidden maps, accessible through specific tasks:

Eudaimonia Machine: Collect all relics found throughout the game to automatically unlock this stage.

Holy Forbidden: Defeat the Trinacria monster in the Moonglow stage to access Holy Forbidden.

Mt. Moonspell: Requires the Legacy of Moonspell DLC and access to Inlaid Library.

Lake Foscari: This map is part of the downloadable content and requires access to Inlaid Library.

Abyss Foscari: Also part of the downloadable content, this map unlocks after severing the Seal of the Lake with the character Keitha.

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