Abios launches eSoccer betting experience for sportsbooks

Abios launches eSoccer betting experience for sportsbooks

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Esports solutions provider Abios and betting content and data company BETER have launched a new betting experience surrounding eSoccer.

The new product aims to provide sportsbooks with soccer-based betting content during downtime in the traditional sports season.

The solution is set to feature “live odds, real-time widgets, and streams, enabling sportsbooks to curate an engaging all-in-one betting experience with consistent and interactive content around the clock,” according to a release.

Abios and BETER said they’re looking to combat natural downtime between matches in the tournament calandar. This new solution, they said, would provide ‘fast-paced, engaging year-round action’.

BETER cited its EsportsBattle offering as an existing tournament circuit with matches throughout the year. EsportsBattle esoccer tournaments currently take place using EA Sports’ FIFA 23.

In the release, Evgeniy Bekker, General Manager at BETER Esports, emphasised esports’ ability to “fill gaps in the sports calendars, creating new opportunities for acquisition and retention.” He additionally stressed the importance of having access to quality data.

“BETER has emerged as the reliable provider of live data, live streaming, and odds for esports, and it’s great to see that such companies as Abios using our official data to build out engaging products and experiences for its operator partners to offer to their players,” Bekker said.

Meanwhile, Oskar Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios, explained that in teaming up with BETER, the companies wanted to combine their different product arms to create something unique.

“Our real-time odds are highly automated and produced through 3rd generation trading,” Fröberg said. “This creates higher uptime, better accuracy and odds less prone to human errors, which can improve quality significantly.  Our streams and widgets add to that experience by allowing fans to watch and receive live statistics from the matches directly in the sportsbook.” 

Abios’ suite also includes odds and widgets for other esports titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends, VALORANT and Dota 2.

Abios recently partnered with bookmaker Dragoni, data platform GRID, and odds comparison platform Buffed.bet. The company also secured a Swedish gambling data permit in June.

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